Tuesday, November 30, 2010

キン肉マンマッスルブラザーズ Collaboration Mania!

From Five Star Toy + Kinnikuman Muscle Apparel + Mangart Beam T, comes the Nostalgic Sofvi Muscle Brothers monochrome collaboration set, complete with interchangeable Kinnikuman Great Mask! 

And here I though the world of Hip Hop held the corner on extreme collaborations...

Image Compliments of Beams T

This special monochrome offering is limited to 29 sets as part of the recent Kinnikuman day festivities.  What really makes this set unique however is the monochrome color scheme based on the original black and white depictions of Kinnikuman and Kamehame from the Kinnikuman comics.

While I am all for colorful, and highly detailed action figures, something truly can be said for the beauty and simplicity of figures based on their pure and simple monochrome renderings. 

Image Compliments of Beams T

As an accompanying piece to the offering above, we have yet another collaboration from Kinnikuman Muscle Apparel and Mangart Beams T in the form of a monochrome Muscle Brothers T Shirt.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow those look incredible!

    Totally worth shelling out the money for if you can find a set!