Wednesday, December 1, 2010

いただき!! キン肉マン

Itadaki!! Kinnikuman from Jump Books!

Each volume involves Choujin getting down with food in one form or another, hence the series being named "Itadaki Kinnikuman." (Japanese traditionally say "itadakimasu" いただきます before starting a meal).

There are five volumes in the series thus far, with each book featuring extremely colorful and unique artwork. While these books are clearly targeted for youngsters, Kinnikuman fans of all ages should throughly enjoy the funny stoylines and brilliantly, re-imagined character designs.

A great way to indoctrinate kids with Kinnikuman lore as well as good eating habits 。。。肉

Check out the official website for ordering info and complete details on the Itadaki!! Kinnikuman Series.

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