Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bruce Lee Documentary featuring Yudetamago!

Yudetamago are to be featured on an upcoming Japanese TV documentary surrounding the life, legend, and legacy of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee had a shocking impact on Japanese pop culture, and his spirit and legacy continue to live on in Japan despite the fact that 70 years have passed since his birth.

In the feature Yudetamago reminisce about Bruce Lee movies (specifically Game of Death), the influence Lee had on the duo back in school, and how his style and presence influenced their work on Tatakae!! Ramenman.  

The Yudetamago segments were filmed inside Studio Egg, so check it out if you get a chance!

Airs 11/22 at 10:00PM JST on WOWOW. More about the show can be found over at the ノンフィクションW page.

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  1. Ramenman!!
    What a coincidence; I was watching Tatakae!! Ramenmen over the weekend!