Friday, November 30, 2012

Kin Fan Friday ~ 金ファンフライデー Part 4

Kin Fan Friday #4
Yudekkii: Dabeavis
Country: USA アメリカ

Kinnikuman Microman figures are my personal favorite!

Cool collection from a long time Nama Niku supporter and all around great Kinnikuman fan!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kinnikuman vol 41 Cover Art!

Kinnikuman vol 41 | Jump Comics
192 Pages | 420円 | 12/4/12 release
Pre-order your copy now @Amazon Japan

 Image Compliments of Yudetamago

The colors on the recent cover really pop!
~ Looks great in hand with some vintage Kinkeshi ~

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art Junkie Kinnikuman Radness

Suguru RUN T-Shirt
Art Junkie x Kinnikuman
Black, Purple, or Tropical Pink 
S~XXL |4,200円 @Art Junkie

 Image Compliments of Art Junkie

Akuma Shogun T-Shirt
Art Junkie x Kinnikuman
Black, Cement, or Night Blue
S~XXL | 4,200円 @Art Junkie

 Image Compliments of Art Junkie

Overseas fans can order these directly from Art Junkie!  AJ has made it clear that they will ship overseas and take PayPal if you contact them via email.

Be sure to include the design, size, color and quantity along with your address so AJ can calculate shipping.  I have ordered from them many times with no problems at all.  See their site for more details.
The owner, Kato-san, speaks English so communication via email is very easy!  Also be sure to visit Art Junkie on facebook.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Kin Fan Friday ~ 金ファンフライデー Part 3

Kin Fan Friday #3
Yudekkii: Frobman
Country: United Kingdom 連合王国

 Akuma Shogun

Lazy day at the shack

Muscle Spark!

Killer artwork from a true blue Kinnikuman fan.  Be sure to check out his blog for comics, videos and more!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

American Choujin Smackdown

"Americans" Tee
Punk Drunkers x Kinnikuman
XS ~ XL | Black or Navy
Pre-order ships mid February
4,935円 @Punk Drunkers

                                                  Image Compliments of Punk Drunkers

Friday, November 16, 2012

Kin Fan Friday ~ 金ファンフライデー Part 2

Kin Fan Friday #2
Yudekkii: 29emon
Country: Japan 日本

An incredible spread of custom, hand sculpted Kinkeshi!

Check 29emon's design and sculpting process over @Custom Kinkeshi Road.

Also be sure to give his Masked Onion exclusive Wonder Festival keshi a look.  29emon is perhaps the most talented custom Kinkeshi sculptor out there.  I would love to do a Nama Niku exclusive kinkeshi with this guy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kinnikuman in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Kinnikuman Muscle Shop
11/14 ~ 12/2 @ Hiroshima Parco
Yudetamago Shimada-sensei signing event on 11/25 |
Special Five Star Toy Sofubi display | Exclusive merchandise

Image Compliments of Yudetamago

Friday, November 9, 2012

Kin Fan Friday ~ 金ファンフライデー!

Kin Fan Friday #1
Yudekkii: Narayut
Country: Thailand (タイ王国)

Super Romando collection + Awesome custom figures!

Calling all Yudekkii!  Interested in showing off your Kinnikuman collection?  Nama Niku will be featuring a new Kinnikuman collection from fans around the world every Friday (Kinyoubi).  Collections large or small are welcome.  Anything Kinnikuman related works.  Please send 1 to 4 pics to, and include your name or alias.  

金ファンフライデー! 世界中のユデッキーの皆さん。 あなたのキン肉マンコレクションを紹介してみませんか? 金ファンフライデーとして毎週金曜日Nama Nikuで紹介します。コレクションの大小は問いません。コレクションに関する思い出話や逸話なども一緒に送ってください。 自分のコレクションをぜひ紹介したいという方は、 まで1~4枚の写真を添付し送ってください。本名、ハンドルネームのどちらでも投稿可能です。

* ユデッキー (Yudekkii) is the Japanese term used to describe hardcore Kinnikuman fans.  (Think Yudetamago + a play on similar fan terms like "Trekkie").

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Sleeping Beast

Mammothman T-Shirt
Shinsekai 100 Year Anniversary Special
S ~ LL (XL) | Black | Short Sleeve: 3,990円 |
Long Sleeve: 4,410円 @MARS16


 Image Compliments of MARS16

Really picking up an old school hxc shirt vibe from this sucker... GO!