Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Star Toy Super Vinyl Royal Rumble!

Five Star Toy has been dropping a crazy amount of vinyl recently, culminating with their new Yudetamago-chan sculpt just in time for Wonder Festival and Kinnikuman Day.

Check out the silky smooth details ~

Wonder Fest:

Yoiko x Five Star Toy Collaboration ~ Robin Mask & Warsman

Yoiko explaining their designs in an upcoming episode of their show 

Yoiko are no strangers to the Kinnikuman universe. The famous comedy duo previously designed two exclusive Kinkeshi figures for the Kinnikuman 29th anniversary Yoiko Kinkeshi DVD, and have done numerous Kinnikuman bits and stunts during their stand-up routines.

As with their last Niku collab, Hamaguchi (HUGE Kinnikuman fan) took things pretty seriously, whereas Arino had a little more fun with his design...

Robin Mask ~ Images Compliments of Five Star Toy

Robin Mask "Shinobazu Pond ver."
  • Design by Hamaguchi
  • Based on the famous (floating helmet) scene where Robin Mask battled Atlantis
  • WF Exclusive
  • 29 figures total
  • 5,000円
  • Sold OUT!


Warsman "Mayonnaise Bottle ver."
  • Designed by Arino
  • Based on the iconic Kewpie Mayo bottle...
  • WF Exclusive
  • 29 figures total
  • 5,000円
  • Sold OUT

 Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise

Yudetamago x Five Star Toy ~ Yudetamago-chan

Image Compliments of Five Star Toy

Yudetamago-chan "Flesh ver."
  • Based on the Shimada-sensei cameo character appearing in the original Kinnikuman manga. 
  • WF Exclusive
  • 29 figures total
  • 3,150円
  • Sold OUT!

Medicom x Five Star Toy Collaboration ~ Akumashogun

Images Compliments of Five Star Toy

Akumashogun "Manga Color ver."
  • Will be available exclusively from Medicom
  • No release date yet

Kinnikuman Day figures:

Five Star Toy ~ Stray Devil Choujin Sofvi Collaboration

Sunshine + Ashuraman

Stray Devil Choujin Combi "set B"
  • Original Color and Six arm variant of the "Linda Garage set A"
  • Limited to 29 sets
  • Pre-order directly from Five Star Toy HERE
  • Ship Date: Mid August
  • 19,800円

KIN29SHOP x Five Star Toy ~ Yudetamago-chan

Image Compliments of KIN29SHOP

Yudetamago-chan details:
  • KIN29SHOP Kinnikuman Day  Exclusive
  • Limited to 29 figures
  • 6,300 円

Thursday, July 28, 2011

7th official 肉の日!

The 7th official Kinnikuman Day/肉の日 takes place on 7/29 as part of the All Japan Kids Wrestling Federation National Championships held in Niigata, Japan.  Yudetamago and the Kinnikuman Franchise are the official sponsors for the event.

Friday the 29th is a bit of a word play in Japanese that cleverly works out to represent "Kinniku day." The "kin" in kinyoubi/Friday, coupled with the "ni/2" and "ku/9," of the 29th end up forming Kin-ni-ku ~

Yudetamago are big supports of the wrestling and MMA scenes, as well as many charitable efforts and causes dedicated to helping children.

All of the kids participating in the tournament are eligible to win special prizes and will receive Kinniku swag including Kinnikuman art + merchandise for their participation.

There will also be a Kinnikuman Day exhibit as well as exclusive Kinnikuman merchandise up for grabs.

Happy Kinniku Day ~ Kinnikuman GO Fight!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Linda Garage x Five Star Collaboration

Linda Garage x Five Star Toy ~ Stray Devil Choujin Sofvi Collaboration:

Image Compliments of Linda Garage

Stray Devil Choujin Combi set details:
  • Exclusive color design "Crying Sunshine" ver
  • Exclusive purple "Angry" Ashuraman (Sunshine roller accident/three missing arms) ver.
  • Limited to 29 sets
  • Pre-sale starts on Kinniku Day ~ 7/29
  • 19,800円 per set

Get in on this crazy vinyl action over @ Linda Garage!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gyu-Dome Namakeshi

Nama Niku x TGB Customs Namakeshi Collaboration:

 Gyu-Dome ~ Beef Bowl Choujin Extraordinaire  

 11 Unique Colors

 Cast in Thermo Color Change Resin

Exclusive to Nama Niku

80 Degrees "Warm" Color

Room Temperature "Cold" Colors

The Beefy Details:
  • Design ~ Sculpt ~ Kitbash: Nama Niku
  • Casting and Wizardry: TGB Customs
  • Thermo Color Change Magic: Solar Color Dust 
  • Glow in the Dark action as well!!!

I’ve received a few questions on these, so here’s a little more Au Jus. As far as availability goes, the first run was pretty much done for fun to test the waters of interest. I'm kicking around the idea to do more, but am not sure at this point. What do you guys think?

My Nama King, Trichonosis and Half Baked Ham designs are all part of the Mad Collaboration project, and I will be giving those out on Nama Niku when I get my shipment from Mad Joe.

CCP x Kinnikuman @ Wonder Festival Summer 2011

Looks like some very impressive Kinsofu and fully painted vinyl figures made their debut yesterday at the CCP Wonder Fest booth:

 Translucent Green Blocken Jr. 
~ Images Compliments of CCP ~

Brocken Jr. Color variants

 The Hells Missionaries

 20 Million Powers (Digging the black Mongolman braid!)

These figures are now up for pre-order over @ CCP.
Thanks for the info Clinton!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kinnikuman Nisei ~ 600th Chapter

Congratulations to Yudetamago on completing the 600th chapter of Kinnikuman Nisei!  This is certainly an incredible milestone for both the comic creators and fans alike.  Here's hoping for 100 more!

Image Compliments of Yudetamago

Check out the 600th chapter online or on your iPhone/iPad.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Custom Sunigator Dekakeshi Part II

Check out these new custom Deka Sunigator Claws cast in flexible keshi type rubber!

Image Compliments of eNilla

Pic from my own collection

The sculpting and casting on these are top notch, giving a real shout out to classic Japanese Kinkeshi.  This is without a doubt, one of the best fan-made custom pieces in my collection.  Amazing work Eric!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Watcha gonna do when Neptuneman runs wild on you!?

My Five Star Toy x Punk Drunkers  "Hulkster" color version Neptuneman finally arrived in the mail. This has got to be one of my new favorite figures!

Shipped with a Punk Drunkers "Eagle's Claw" Eco Bag

 Header Card Front

Card Back complete w/Punk D mascot Hulkster mustache

 Neptuneman's Cape ~ Nod to the Comic + Punk D Characters

Limited to a run of 100 Figures total

Cross Bombers a plenty


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kinnikuman x Anime Expo

I am always looking for cool Kinnikuman stories to share on Nama Niku, and need to really thank my friend and fellow Yudekkii, Taka, for hooking me up with this one!
Taka hit the recent AX (Anime Expo) and was lucky enough to meet up with some actual Japanese Seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) that worked on Kinnikuman Nisei.

Morikawa-san signing Taka's Nisei poster
Check out Taka's own words that he wrote up for me on the event:
"Anime Expo is the largest anime & manga convention in North America.  And every year they bring in Manga Creators, Musical Guests, Anime Directors, and Seiyuu’s from Japan to be the Guest of Honor’s. 2011 was no exception. 
This year AX brought in three Seiyuu’s, Miyuki Sawashiro, Toshiyuki Morikawa & Toshio Furukawa. For Kinnikuman or Kinnikuman Nisei fan’s I should say, the latter two had a hand in the Kinnikuman Nisei anime series. Morikawa-san was the true original voice of Terry the Kid. And Furukawa-san voiced Kinnikuman.   
 Furukawa Toshio Autograph ~ Voice behind Kinniku Suguru
Each GOH has a panel where they talked about their current and or past projects with a Q&A thrown in where some would ask the seiyuu if they could say a line from one of the characters they had voiced. With Furukawa-san, he had talked about his experiences in the business. And one of the cool parts of his panel was that he showed pictures of his huge anime figure collection. And his figure collection only consisted of characters he had voiced. So Kinnikuman was in his collection. Along with like Piccolo from the anime Dragonball and Shin from Hokuto no Ken, just to name a few.
 Morikawa Toshiyuki Autograph

After the panels, there is an autograph sessions for the GOH. I was lucky enough to get an autograph from Morikawa-san and Furukawa-san over the AX weekend. As you can see, both signed a Kinnikuman Nisei related item from my collection.  I do look forward to seeing who AX will be bringing in for 2012."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yudetamago Muscle Shop Signing Event

Shimada-sensei of Yudetamago will be attending a Kinnikuman signing event next week in Naha Japan.

Image Compliments of OPA

Date: Sunday, July 17th
Time: 3PM (will last around two hours)
Location: 1st floor (front entrance) of the Naha OPA Department Store

While the Naha Muscle Shop has been going on for over a month now,  the Yudetamago event has got to be crazy exciting news for Kinniku heads all over Okinawa.  Head over to the official OPA Muscle Shop page for more details on the festivities.

Image Compliments of OPA

I would love to get some pics for Nama Niku if you happen to be going to the event!  那覇のイベントに参加予定の方でイベントの写真を提供して頂ける方がいましたらご連絡ください。

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New from KIN29SHOP aka BamBam88

I'm totally digging some of the fresh items starting to pop up in the new KIN29SHOP: 

Punk Drunkers x KIN29SHOP "Angry Ashuraman" T Shirt Collaboration ~

 Front ~ Image Compliments of KIN29SHOP

 Back ~ Image Compliments of KIN29SHOP

Color: Available in Black or Purple
Size: S ~ XL
4,935 円  
Purchase HERE! 

Robin Mask Cardigan ~

 Image Compliments of KIN29SHOP

Color: Black
Size: S ~ XL
Price: 6,300 円 
Purchase Here!

The boys of BamBam88 have been busy running a traveling Kinnikuman Muscle Shop store in Okinawa, but it looks like they are now shifting more focus back to their online business.  Great news for overseas fans who want to get in on this top-notch Kinniku gear!

Also be sure to check out their recent Radio Interview with Typhoon FM in Naha, Okinawa. (Podcast format in Japanese only)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Genius of CCP ~ Ramenman x Bruce Lee

Check out this incredible sneak peek pic from CCP showcasing their upcoming Ramenman, "A Tribute to Bruce Lee's Physique," figure...

  Image Compliments of CCP

The Great Bruce Lee

Simply amazing work, wow!

No other product details have been released at this time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nama Niku Collection Update

A quick pic of my new Sofvi and Kinsofu shelf...

Check out the rest of the collection HERE!

Mad Collaboration Update

Mad Joe dropped new pics of the Mad Collaboration Project this week, further revealing figures slated to be in series 1 ~ 3.  Major props to Mad Joe for his dedication and skills to pull this thing off ~ 肉

Nama King designed by Yours Truly... 非売品!

While Mad Joe has been quiet on the official street date for the series as a whole, look for Nama King to be available first, right here on Nama Niku.  I will be getting an exclusive, limited run of 20 Nama King figures to be part of my upcoming FREE Namakeshi Giveaway Contest...

These Nama King figures are not be for sale, and will only be available to Nama Niku readers through the aforementioned contest.

Check back often to see how you can get in on this crazy custom keshi madness!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ultimate Muscle Vol. 29 ~ The End of an Era

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy made its manga debut in the good ol' USA on July 5th, 2004.  Seven years, and 29 spectacular volumes later, this sadly underrated series has come to an end.

While the animated Ultimate Muscle series did fairly well in the States, the comic version never quite enjoyed the same success.  As outlined in my interview with Yudetamago last year,  due to declining sales and a few other factors, there are no plans to do an English version of the current Japanese Kinnikuman series (Kyukyoku Choujin Tag).

Now is the time to demonstrate your English speaking Kinniku pride by supporting the 29th, and final volume of Ultimate Muscle!

The scoop:
  • Pages: 208
  • Publisher: VIZ Media 
  • Release date: July 5, 2011
  • Language: English
  • The Final Battle!

Thank you Yudetamago and Viz Media for all the Muscle memories and for making this series available to English Speaking fans!  英語圏のファンの為に英語版を発売してくれてありがとうございました。

Order your copy from:

eBay  or Amazon