Thursday, November 11, 2010

コンプREX Vol 5

コンプREX Vol 5 was released in late September, and features the best cover art of the series hands down. This issue was edited by the Mandarake Micro Shop manager, "Micro" Miyakoshi, and you can see his personality and artistic passion on each page.

I met Miyakoshisan a few months back while perusing the halls of the Nakano Broadway, and we have been brothers in keshi ever since.

Here's how you can get yourself a copy:
With the last option, you can send them the link to the new issue with the item name, and they will create a custom PayPal invoice for you.

The keshi pics and story features in this issue are as frosty fresh as they come. The last page of the book was the real kicker though... Kinkeshi next issue anyone?

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