Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 5th Muscle Summit - Kinnikuman Go Fight!

The 5th Muscle Summit took place on 10/29/10, and shaped up to be one hell of an event. I dragged my overseas arse out of bed at 4am to partake of the festivities, and can report that it was a Kinniku dream come true.

Kinniku Day, or Friday the 29th, is derived from the "kin" in kinyoubi/Friday, coupled with the "ni/2" and "ku/9," of the 29th.

The main event featured Shimada Takashi and Nakai Yoshinori of Yudetamago answering the top 29 Kinniku fan questions, and culminated with a live drawing demonstration by Nakai-sensei that blew the crowd away.

Watching Kinnikuman being drawn live was beyond explanation. Words cannot express my gratitude and excitement towards Yudetamago for the event.

Another bit of interesting news from the night was that a Mayumi prequel story is in the works.

Watch the Muscle Summit Here!

1 comment:

  1. if m not wrong, there was a question like this:
    "how do you use the phrase ' i wont need the push of my farts'"

    and the answer were like "anytime you feel you are doing something awesome"