Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yudetamago on Mizuki Nana's M World

Yudetamago recently visited Mizuki Nana's M World radio show, and those episodes are now available online for some smooth and easy listening.

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10/24/10 Yudetamago Show

10/30/10 Yudetamago Show

Highlights of the show include chatter on how the duo met, how their families felt about their decisions to go into the comic business, being inspired by the likes of Ultraman and Tiger mask, plenty of talk about getting their grub on, the character voices they did in the Kinnikuman movie, and more about the creative process.

I think it is safe to say that Mizuki's show holds the record for the most commercials ever crammed into a tiny 30 min segment in the history of radio - damn girl!

The 10/30 show has a lot more to offer, but if you love all things Kinniku, give 'em both a listen.

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