Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Possibility of an American Muscle Summit?

Potentially historic Kinnikuman news was dropped on Twitter yesterday by Shimada-sensei.  I know it is way too premature to assume this is a done deal, but here is a quick translation:

"Yudetamago is going to do it! Next year in Las Vegas we are going to do a Muscle Summit Business Trip. A Kinniku Expo with BamBam88, CCP, Five Star Toy, Romando, Chouzou Kakumei - we are going to bring all these guys along and do a convention. We are going to plan and organize a tour from Japan if anyone wants to go."

The fact that they are even talking about doing an overseas event is an honor and testament to the passion and dedication of their foreign Kinniku fans.  If a Muscle Summit does end up happening in the States, it would be great to see Yudekkii from all over the world in attendance. (_肉_)

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