Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Super Green Universe of KomKom World

KomKom World: Green Kinkeshi Site Extraordinaire ~

Image Compliments of KomKom World

The idea behind this website is pretty cool.  The owner went through his closet a few years back, discovering an old bag of Kinkeshi.  After experiencing a powerful rush of childhood memories, he gets the insatiable desire to start collecting Kinkeshi again.  This time around however there is a twist ~ he only wants the green ones...

The goal of KomKom is to collect and document every single Kinkeshi released in green, and his online archive is quite impressive. 

Head on over to KomKom World and check it out!  

Lastly, while this video has nothing to do with Kinnikuman... I get the Greenman theme song stuck in my head every time I visit KomKom, and so should you!

Super Green song from Ike! Greenman

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gyu-Dome Part Deux

More Nama Niku x TGB Customs goodness...

Crystal Clear + Iridescent Blue and Violet


  • Design + Sculpting + Kitbashing = Nama Niku
  • Molding + Casting + Ninja Skills = TGB Customs

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Star Toy x Medicom Collaboration

New from the Nostalgic Sofvi Collection EX line:

Five Star Toy x Medicom Akuma Shogun (B) ~

 Images Compliments of Five Star Toy

The Devil in the Details:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Accept No Imitations...

I know this is pretty much a ghost site, but perhaps one of the best Kinkeshi bootleg archive pages ever?

Hitler.Salute action Planetman & Black Panther Ramenman...

Some of these poor bastards never had a chance ~ So awesomely bad they're good.  Bootleg pic heaven over @ "M.U.S.C.L.E.MAN imitation micro figures"

Check out the website and name your favorite figure in the comments!

Thanks to Eric for the tip ~ 肉

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kaikodo a Go Go

Kinnikuman Shop Spotlight: Kaikodo

Pic from my last visit to Kaikodo ~ Original Okegawa location

I've spent a lot of time in Japan over the years searching for the best places to score Kinnikuman goods, and thought it was high time to start documenting these joints on Nama Niku.

Kaikodo is without a doubt one of the most impressive toy resellers I have ever visited.  I give them major street credit for exclusive collaborations with companies like Y.MSF (Old school Godzilla Vinyl toys).  It is also the only place to get your hands on a super limited run of Romando x Kaikodo Kinnikuman vinyl figures.  (10 figures in all, hand painted and Made in Japan).

 King Cobra ~ Images Compliments of Kaikodo


Tile Man

Kaikodo's owner, Yutaka-san, speaks English and just so happens to be a huge seller on Yahoo Auctions.  While they do not have an online Kaikodo.net shopping cart, you can email them directly to inquire about any of their exclusive figures, store front items or YJ auctions.  Did I also mention that they accept PayPal and do direct overseas shipping!  With such a strong Yen right now, this is really a great alternative to 3rd party shopping deputy services...

Check out these pics of all the amazing toy lines they carry!

Romando x Kaikodo Exclusive Kinnikuman figures
Yahoo Japan Kaikodo Kinnikuman items
English contact email

Happy shopping - tell 'em Nama Niku sent ya ~ 肉

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

アメトーーク!Vol 16 ~ Kinnikuman TV Special

The Ame Talk Kinnikuman TV Special is finally getting a proper DVD release on the upcoming Ame Talk Vol 16 set.

The program features Japanese comedians and celebrities reminiscing about their favorite Kinnikuman moments, culminating with a game of Name that Kinkeshi, and a rare visit to Studio Egg (Yudetamago Studios)!  

Region 2 DVDs not your thing?  Watch it online here.

A lot of Kinniku history and canon is covered throughout the show, with some of these guys saying some pretty damn funny things about their knowledge and relationship to the series.  Masaru Hamaguchi of Yoiko fame is my favorite of the bunch for sure.  

A few more details:
  • DVD Release Date: 9/28/11
  • Price: 2,927円
  • Kinnikuman Special Run time: 45 min
  • Original broadcast: 2008
  • Includes never before seen bonus material from the Kinnikuman Special
  • Pre-order over @ Amazon Japan

Monday, August 15, 2011

Niku x CCP

Thumbs up on the second round of Kinnikuman shirts from CCP.  These new and rather nifty looking designs feature Niku x CCP figures with various wacky phrases and sayings that will keep your friends and co-workers guessing...

 Images Compliments of CCP

 I see a potential for a slick Hammer Horror film title here...
Frankenstein Meets Bloodshed in Berlin!

"No Bear Claw, No Life." Amen brother.

Designs are available as either T Shirt only for 3,150円 or T Shirt + random Kinsofu Figure for 3,500円.  

The skinny:
  • Available in sizes S ~ XXXL! These run a little small, so I would suggest ordering at least a size up from what you normally wear. Check the exact measurements just to be safe.
  • Kinsofu color and design will be given out randomly, with standard figure sizes ranging from 20cm/7.8 inches ~ 25cm/9.8 inches.
  • Each 3,500円 shirt order also gives you the chance to be awarded a GIANT Mystery Kinsofu (45cm/18 inches) in lieu of a standard size figure. 

Head over to the CCP shop to see all the neato Niku action.

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Ojisun x Flake x Kinnikuman Collaboration

    I've seen a lot of Kinnikuman collabs in my day, but this triple threat collaboration for Kids clothes is a Nama Niku first...  Any super Kinniku dads out there?

    New from Ojisun x Flake x Kinnikuman ~

    Images Compliments of Ojisun

    Warsman Matryoshka Kids T Shirt
    Available in:



    Kinkotsuman Kids T Shirt
    Available in:

    More details over at Punk Drunkers and Ojisun ~ 肉

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Luchazer CCP Pics!

    Big thanks to my friend and fellow Yudekkii, Clinton aka Luchazer, for sharing his amazing Kinnikuman CCP collection with Nama Niku!  Clinton is without a doubt one of the most dedicated CCP fans that I know of, and a regular on the CCP message boards.

    Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy ~

     Images Compliments of Luchazer

    Check out his full Kinnikuman photo set on flicker.

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    肉々×キン肉マン×PUNK DRUNKERS

    Fresh from the Niku Niku x Kinnikuman x Punk Drunkers Collab ~ Ashuraman Skull Pendant

     Images Compliments of Niku Niku

    Available in either Sterling Silver (28,875円) or Brass (22,050円).

    Order via Niku Niku or Punk Drunkers!

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Kinnikuman 対 Le Merde @ SDCC 2011

    Hands down my highlight of SDCC 2011 was meeting Le Merde and chatting it up about vinyl toys and the Kinnikuman universe.

    Le Merde wielding the mighty Megalith and neato Kinnikuman thingy

    In a rather serendipitous twist of fate I hit the Gargamel x Grass Hut booth, and discovered the undisputed holy mecca of Kinnikuman fans at the con.  Three cheers for Art Junkie Kinnikuman shirts.

    Le Merde as it turns out is a HUGE Kinnikuman fan, and I give him major props for taking some time to kick it will ol' Nama Niku at their booth.  He is insanely talented, and I seriously dig all his figures and artwork.

    He explained that his new Megalith design was partially inspired by his passion for M.U.S.C.L.E. and Kinkeshi, and I have to say that the sculpt is beyond cool.  He also let me check out some of the crazy keshi the Gargamel guys brought for him from Japan ~ can't get enough of rare boots!

    Be sure to check out Le Merde's collabs with Super7 and Gargamel.  You can also see a sample of his vinyl figures over at his blog.

    Some of the Le Merde goodies I picked up @ SDCC 2011:

    The Heavens shining down on a truly epic Megalith vinyl blank

     SDCC Le Merde x Super7 Burgerbuns meets Geronimo

     Le Miniverse ~ You Guys HAVE to get these!

    Gargamel SDCC Exclusive w/ Le Merde's Hujili's Ghost

     A little Le Merde Art action

     Flesh Mania print by Le Merde ~ a possible new meaning here... ?

    Super thanks to Lucky Nakazawa and Josh Barnett for noticing my Art Junkie T, and for being so incredibly nice.  Josh is a MMA legend, and it blew my mind to be chatting with him about Art Junkie and Yudetamago.  Make sure to grab the latest issue of Drunken Master featuring an interview with Josh, and keep your eyes peeled for the Lucky Nakazawa x Gargamel FU Robo... (go toybot!)

    Also big thanks to Arbito and the Gargamel guys ~ really digging my Mini Squishy figures and Mini Pocket Kaiju.  It was totally rad to talk to you all about Kinnikuman and the amazing figures you are creating!

    Can't wait for SDCC 2012!

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    Invasion of the Namakeshi

    Check out these recent Namakeshi sightings and shout-outs ~ 肉

    Image Compliments of Muscle Things