Sunday, November 7, 2010

キン肉マン缶 - New Kinnikuman Pokka Coffe Can Designs and Figures!

The new Kinnikuman Pokka Can Designs are out this week! The three unique sets feature new artwork depicting the Akuma Choujin, the Choujin Olympics and the Scramble to the Kinniku Throne arch. The sets clock in around 2,500円, and you can Order Them Online Here.

In addition to tasty Pokka coffee and amazing artwork, the sets also include eight limited figures based on the "Six Devil Knights."

Pokka has been releasing Kinnikuman exclusives over the past few years now, and the recent Yudetamago can designs, bundled with the limited Six Devil Knights figures are no exception!

Support Kinnikuman and buy a can today!

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