Friday, December 31, 2010

BamBam88 - WWE Legends Collection!

While BamBam88 may best be known to western fans for putting out outstanding Kinnikuman Apparel they recently dropped a line of T's featuring WWE Legends. 

 "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan - Hoooo, tough guy!

The line is exclusive to the Japanese market, but I was able to score a couple of shirts from Rakuten ~ 肉.  I am highly impressed by the quality and attention to detail on the shirts, with the design taking me back to the glory days of WWF Wrestling in the 1980's. 

The line is officially licensed by the WWE, and would certainly have the potential to do quite well with wrestling fans in the USA (If they were to be sold here).  This could be a real segue for BamBam88 getting all of their products overseas - hint, hint.

Be sure to head over to BamBam88 and check out the new WWE Legends Collection!

The last post of 2010 ~ see you in 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kinnikuman Nisei - 究極の超人タッグ編 24

Kinnikuman Nisei Kyukyoku Choujin Tag Vol 24 was released this past week, and features some of the best cover art to come out of the series thus far!

If you have been following Shimada-sensei on Twitter at all over the past few days, you know that due to falling sales and growing lack of interest in Kinnikuman Nisei, the Nisei franchise may be coming to an end.

While Yudetamago are currently weighing their options on how to keep Kinnikuman alive, this is really sad news for Kinnikuman fans everywhere. 

Now is the time to step up and show your 友情パワー (Friendship Power) by supporting Kinnikuman in anyway you can!
Support Nisei and Order your copy Today!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Niku Christmas!

Happy Holidays to my Nama Niku readers!

Santa was rather kind this year to Ol' Mr. 100ton on the Kinnikuman front...

 Nostalgic Sofvi Muscle Brothers Monochrome Collaboration Set

I have not been this excited on Christmas morning since I was nine years old and opened my first pack of M.U.S.C.L.E..  I think I'll stick to ordering my own presents again next year over the alternative of getting surprise crappy socks and sweaters ~ 肉

The Nama Niku Christmas Haul: Medicos Robin Mask, Sofvi Set, Romando Robin Mask/Mariposa Set, M.U.S.C.L.E.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mandarake Microkan Interview! まんだらけミクロ館インタビュー!!!

I feel some serious 友情パワー (Friendship Power) every time I set foot in the Nakano Broadway because of one man... "Micro" Miyakoshi.  Not only is Miyakoshi-san a bona fide ユデッキー (Yudekkii), the guy is arguably one of the greatest living Keshi-masters on the planet.

Miyakoshi-san serves as the Director of the Mandarake Microkan, and also acts as the Editor for the famous Mandarake Keshi publication, コンプREX.  (Check out the latest issue of to see his genesis in action!)

Talk about Ultimate Muscle - The Nakano Microkan is the #1 Keshi store in Japan

I met Miyakoshi-san a few months back while perusing the halls of the Nakano Broadway.  I showed him my prized Kinnikuman collection pics stored on my iPhone, and we have been brothers-in-keshi ever since.  He has worked with me countless times online to find Kinkeshi and Kinnikuman items, and I cannot say enough nice things about him.

Micro Miyakoshi displaying some Microkan goods!

The Microkan is hallowed Kinniku ground in my books and has been the stuff of legend for years on English Kinnikuman and M.U.S.C.L.E. message boards and blogs.  I am really excited that I was able to secure this interview and really want to thank Mandarake for their kindness and generosity!

Nama Niku: Can you tell me a little about the history of the Microkan?    

Miyakoshi: The Microkan is one of the newer additions to Mandarake and opened on February 20th 2003 on the second floor of the Nakano Broadway.  At first the Microkan specialized in selling key chains, stuffed animal and other similar type goods but we made a changed and shifted our focus to selling late 80's to late 90's toys such as Kinnikuman SD Gundam, Dragonball etc.  This decision really shaped the new direction of the Microkan.
When I started working at Mandarake, only a few items such as Kinkeshi, SD Gankeshi and Dragonball Keshi were sold at the Microkan.  I really immersed myself in all things Kinnikuman in hopes of expanding our Kinkeshi section.  After this move we started expanding with other Keshi lines and Shokugan (Toys that are packaged with Candy).

We later moved to the 4th floor of the Nakano Broadway on Oct 1st  2005, where I had more time to study and really dive into the world of Keshi.  I completely devoted myself to the world of Keshi which lead to the style and feel of the Microkan as you see it today.

Nama Niku: Do you collect Kinkeshi yourself, and if so, what is your favorite figure?    

Miyakoshi: I do not have nice Choujin like many customers of Microkan have but I collect Kinkeshi for sure.  When I start working at Mandarake, I used to purchase Kinkeshi, and really tried to live around Kinkeshi to gain a feeling and understanding of what they were all about. 

My favorite Kinkeshi if I had to pick a mainstream one would be Leopaldon from part 3 of the Scramble for the Kinniku Throne line. This Keshi seems to have a nice stately personality and feels as if he possess an unknown power.  In minor Kinkeshi, I like Woodsman from part 7... you could always use him to practice your Kung Fu (lol)

Nama Niku: What is the most exciting item you have come across while working at Mandarake?    

Miyakoshi: That has got to be Silver Riki, which is one of the Four Phantom Kinkeshi that were never officially released (by Bandai) for sale. We really did not have any information on this figure but knew that it was one of the phantoms.  It seriously showed up out of nowhere and gave me goose bumps when I saw it.  It was like the heavens opened and he was just there.

Image Provided by Mandarake
I would also have to say Grader who is also part of the whole Four Phantom Kinkeshi mystery. While I see him fairly often, (I quite like him) as he is sporting a really stylish cloth hood....

Image Provided by Mandarake

By the way, Mandarake is currently buying Silver Riki Kinkeshi for 200,000円 ($2,400.00) - if you happen to have one, please let us know!!!

Nama Niku: Muscle Kinkeshi were made in Japan by Bandai, but distributed overseas by Mattel. There is a lot of mystery in America about how they were made, and why only a limited number of figures were released overseas. In all your Kinkeshi research, have you ever come across any information about M.U.S.C.L.E.?

Miyakoshi: We have not really seen much of M.U.S.C.L.E itself you know.  I didn't hear anything about the American version of Kinkeshi until they had been discontinued.  This is the same with many other series and types of toys, as the popularity dies down, the items gradually stop selling (and you do not hear about them until after the fact).  For me however I'm rather curious about how big the M.U.S.C.L.E. boom was in America at the time.

I really admire the fantastic color variations in the American versions which are missing in the Japanese Kinkeshi line.  Crazy colors like purple, neon green and yellow are rather interesting and stimulate my senses.  I am also curious about the French version of Kinkeshi (COSMIX) which include dangerous Ninjya molds.  The world of Kinkeshi still holds a lot of mysteries...

Sorry I was not much help in that area... My path to Kinkeshi enlightenment still continues... (Miyakoshi has also hinted that M.U.S.C.L.E. may be getting a mention in the next issue ofコンプREX, there is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the M.U.S.C.L.E. exclusive Terri-Bull/Buffaloman sculpt).   
Nama Niku: Kinkeshi are quite popular with overseas collectors. What is the best way for people overseas to order from the Microkan?

Miyakoshi: Well, we have the Mandarake Homepage which hosts out Mail Order site however we rarely have any of our Kinkeshi items listed on the website.

If you have specific Choujin that you are looking for, you can send us an email and we can check to see if we have any in stock.  If you are looking for a ton of individual items it might be hard for us to look for everything, but I certainly would like to spread the word all over the world that we are more than happy to help!

(Mandarake English Contact Form) 

We also feature a wide selection of Romando, CCP, and other Kinnnikuman figures for sale on our Mail Order site, so please check it out! (Kinnikuman Figure Page!)

Nama Niku: Lastly, why do you think Kinkeshi are still so popular today?

Miyakoshi: I think that the popularity of Kinnnikuman is due to the warmth and character of the figures which is something that we no longer see in this day and age.  Also, the story still continues in Nisei which is a testament to the power of the Kinnikuman story.  All these factors coming together I would say is the reason for the popularity continuing.

There are also so many Kinkeshi items in all sorts of colors to collect.  Kinkeshi are cheap enough that kids can purchase them with their allowance money, and it is really a fun hobby. The figures themselves feature high quality molding jobs, which are just amazing.  You really have to collect Kinkeshi to get a true feeling for what they are all about.

Microkan Information:
We are constantly updating information via the Mandarake website and Twitter, so please check it out!
Twitter ID: 396kancho!/396kancho

The Microkan also sells コンプREX/Comp Rex which is a publication dedicated to all things Keshi.
Comp Rex is available via mail order, so please pick it up if you do not already have it.  The next issue of will be all about Kinnikuman, so please keep an eye out for it☆★

- Micro "kancho" Miyakoshi Youhei (over and out...)

Nama Niku: At this point I would really like to thank Mandarake and especially Micro Miyakoshi for taking the time the time out of his busy schedule to speak with me.

There is an incredible article about the Four Phantom Kinkeshi and other rare Kinkeshi in Vol 1 of コンプREX. While I believe this issue is out of print, there still may be a copy of two kicking around the Microkan.

Mandarake's English website is extremely easy to use and they accept PayPal!  Please enjoy the original Japanese interview as well!

Nama Niku: ミクロ館の歴史について教えてもらえますか?

宮越: ミクロ館はまんだらけの中でも比較的新しい部類の店舗で, 2003年2月20日に中野ブロードウェイの2階にオープンしました。

始めはキーホルダー・ぬいぐるみなどグッズ系の販売中心でしたが, キン肉マン・SDガンダム・ドラゴンボールなど80年代後半~90年代 後半くらいの玩具販売にシフトチェンジし、今のミクロ館の方向性が決まりまし た!!

そして私が入社して、始めはキン消し・SDガン消し・ドラゴンボール消しゴムなどがポツポツと展開されていましたが、キン肉マン修行を行いキン消しの拡大!! 取り扱い消しゴム・食玩のジャンルを増やしていきました。


Nama Niku: 宮越さん自身もキン消しを集めていらっしゃいますか?もし集めていらっしゃるようであれば、お気に入りのフィギュアはなんですか?

宮越: キン消しはミクロ館のお客様ほどナイスな超人は持っていませんが、買ってはい

お気に入りのキン消しは、王道だと王位パート3のレオパルドンは好きです♪堂々とした風格がナイスで、未知の力を感じさせてくれます♪マイナー所ではパート7 木木人も良いですね☆功夫修行には欠かせません!!

Nama Niku: まんだらけで働いていて出会った、一番興奮したアイテムはなんですか?

宮越: やはり未発売キン消しで幻の4体のシルバーリキですかね。定かな情報もなく幻とされていたのに、現物がいきなり買取にきて鳥肌が立ちました!まさに神降臨です★そして、幻の4体でも一番遭遇率の高いグレダーもかなりシビレました!!なかなかオシャレなクロス頭巾です☆


Nama Niku: Muscleキン消しは日本のバンダイ社が作ったものですが、マテル社によって海外では販売されています。キン消しはどのように作られたのか、どうして限られた数のフィギュアしか海外では発売されなかったのか、などアメリカではキン消しに関するミステリーがたくさんあります。宮越さんのキン消しリサーチの中で M.U.S.C.L.E.に関する情報を聞いた事はありますか?

宮越: M.U.S.C.L.E自体ほとんど入荷しないですね。アメリカ版キン消しの販売が終わっ

憧れます♪紫・黄緑などマッドカラーが感性を刺激します。あと危険な忍者造形入りのフランス版キン消し[COSMIX]も気になります♪ 世界のキン消しはまだ謎だらけだ~!!!!!!

Nama Niku: キン消しは海外のコレクターの中ではとても人気があります。海外に住んでいる方が、にミクロ館から注文する良い方法はありますか?

宮越: そうですね~。まんだらけのホームページには通販サイトもありますが、キン消しはほとんど掲載していませんね。もしキン消しで欲しい超人などが決まっていれば、当社宛てにメール頂ければ在庫確認致します!あまり多いのは厳しいですが、世界に羽ばたければ嬉しいのでお気軽にご連絡下さい★あと浪曼堂・CCPなどその他のキン肉マンフィギュアは通販ページにも掲載しているのでチェックして下さい☆

Nama Niku: 最後にキン消しはなぜ今でも人気があると思われますか?お忙しい中ご協力ありがとうございました。

宮越: 当時のキン肉マンブームと今のフィギュアにはない無彩色の温かみ・そして2世まで続いているキン肉マンという作品のパワーが、現在でも人気の理由だと思います★またキン消しはラインナップが多く・色バリエーションもあり、子どものお小遣いで買えるのも魅力で、収集するのが楽しいですよね♪♪ 造形も1体1体のレベルが高く素晴らしいです★この感動は集めるしかありません!!!!!



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kinnikumart ~ Ultimate Muscle Galore!

I have searched the web from the USA to Japan, and must say that one of the best places to get great deals on Ultimate Muscle (キン肉マンII世) Kinkeshi and MOC M.U.S.C.L.E. is Kinnikumart!

The prices and selection at Kinnikumart are great, and the owner Sherrie is extremely easy to work with and honestly as nice as they come!  There is nothing like building your collection while picking up great items from another dedicated fan.

Kinnikuman Ultimate Muscle Kinkeshi Series 8

Kinnikuman Ultimate Muscle Kinkeshi Series 12

Kinnikumart is also one of the few places that you can actually buy the 20 pack Exogini Keshi Pyramids!  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BamBam88 ~ Kinnikuman Zebra and Soldier Worker Caps!

I am truly digging the new Kinnikuman Zebra and Kinniku Soldier Collaboration caps from New Era and BamBam88 ~ m(_88_)m

Zebra Stripe "KN" Logo

"Go Go Muscle" Kinnikuman Zebra Style

Camo "KN" Representing Kinnikuman Soldier

Images Compliments of BamBam88

I love the idea of doing a series of caps based on the Five Fated Princes, and really hope that BamBam88 puts out more of these!  My next Rakuten order will include one of the Solider caps for sure ~ 肉

Order from your caps from BamBam88 today!

I think Rocker Zebra from Heavy Metal Parkin Lot would have looked phenomenal in one of these bad boys...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I must be honest, I had never even heard of Kinniku-Melt until I read a thread about it a week or two ago over at Little Rubber Guys

Apparently, Kinniku-Melt is some kind of chemical reaction that causes certain kinds of plastic to melt when they come into contact too long with the original Japanese Kinkeshi.  I have always displayed my Kinkeshi on wood or metal shelves, so this phenomenon was news to me.

In a strange twist of fate, I got my first taste of Kinniku-Melt when I ordered some dead stock Part 25 and 26 Kinkeshi from the Mandarake Microkan.  As you can see in the pic above, Geronimo's noggin has used it's Choujin powers for evil and melted straight through the surrounding capsule plastic.

Kinnikuman also went to town melting this capsule, but to my surprise the Kinkeshi inside were are still in mint condition with no damage applied to the actual figures.  Kinkeshi 3 - Capsules 0.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kinnikuman Production Cels 対 Kinkeshi Daishi

I picked up a stack of original Kinnikuman Production Cels from the Nakano Broadway a few months back, and finally got around to getting some of my favorite images framed ~ 肉

I added a couple of Kinnikuman Shitajiki into the mix which really adds color and context to the cels.

 A long view of my Kinniku Room

 キン消し台紙 パート21

I also decided to frame a Part 21 Kinkeshi daishi (gacha gacha display art) that arrived this week from Mandarake.  I think this Yudekkii has a new appreciation for Kinniku art in all forms...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Yudetamago Shimada-sensei Interview! ゆでたまご嶋田先生インタビュー

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation towards Shimada-sensei for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer questions for my blog.  His incredible talent and limitless imagination are awe inspiring, and I am thrilled that he has been willing to reach out to this American ユデッキー! 


The time Shimada-sensei takes on a daily basis to interact with fans is the stuff of legend.  I cannot thank him enough for the interest and kindness he has shown towards Nama Niku!

While I can think of an endless barrage of questions that I would like to ask about characters, plots and Kinniku mysteries, I decided to go with questions that deal primarily with the International presence of Kinnikuman.  After all, Nama Niku is dedicated to International Kinniku fans.

Nama Niku welcomes visitors from the following countries on a daily basis, and without you I could not be doing this: USA, Japan, Germany, China, The UK, Thailand, Canada, Spain, France, Philippines and Brazil.  Thank you to all my readers wherever in the world you may be ~ 友情パワー!

Here is the English Translation of the Original Japanese Interview (Included Below):

Nama Niku: First off, it is an absolute honor and humbling experience to be granted an interview with you.  Your talent and creations are so and meaningful to me that it is hard to even know where to start.

The stories in Kinnikman feature characters from all over the world. What was it that interested you in introducing characters from so many different countries into the pages of your comics?

Shimada-sensei: When Kinnikuman was created I wanted to create a world with a global point of view.  There was only Terryman at first, and then I had the idea to hold a Choujin Olympics to make things more grandiose and interesting.  

At the time this happened, there was a lot of excitement around the Moscow Olympics even though there was a boycott by Japan and other Western Nations.  Subsequently, in the world of the Kinnikuman comics, the Choujin Olympics were a big success and served as an opportunity for Kinnikuman to become a real hit.

Nama Niku: Kinnikuman's popularity has certainly grown outside of Japan since its creation.  Did you ever think the series would be popular with overseas audiences?

Shimada-sensei: No, I didn't think about it at all.  The story of Kinnikuman was based in a city in Japan with Japanese buildings everywhere, and Kinnikuman himself living in a Japanese style wooden house.  At first we didn't even think that the manga would be made into a TV anime.  

At the time, Jump Comics were under the assumption that if a manga series became an animated series then they would be unable to sell magazines and books, so they were really not for the idea at first. Because of all of those factors, I had no idea that our Japan based manga would ever be popular overseas.

Nama Niku: Currently, the Kinnikuman Niesei manga is being released in America by Shonen Jump/Viz Media. Are there any plans to release more Kinnikuman comics and or anime in America?

Shimada-sensei: I heard that as far as the manga in America goes Nisei (Ultimate Muscle) will be the last.  Kinnnikuman Nisei: Kyukyoku Choujin Tag won't be released in America, because of the bad economic state of the publishing industry.

Nama Niku: You mentioned on Twitter that you were not even aware that M.U.S.C.L.E. had been released in America back in the 80's.  How involved are you in the marketing of the Kinnikuman brand overseas and at home?

Shimada-sensei: I didn't even know about M.U.S.C.L.E.. I discovered it on my own when I went to Hawaii.  I found one just like the 4-Pack that 100t-san (Nama Niku) gave me.  After that, there was talk about releasing the first anime series in America, and the editor of Jump Comics and myself were actually going to do a press conference in the US.  

However, due to the fact that the Mattel Kinkeshi became a huge success on their own without the anime being released, the talks for releasing the anime in America disappeared.  If we had released the original series in America at that time, the 4Kids release of Kinnikuman Nisei (Ultimate Muscle) might have had better success in North America.  

Nama Niku: Can you tell me anything about the new Mayumi story mentioned at the recent Muscle Summit?

Shimada-sensei:  The time period for the story would be the Taisyo period when Japan was really going through a great and exciting time.  I thought the idea of Mayumi wearing a Hakama Haori (Traditional Japanese Period Clothing) fighting with Akugyou Choujin would be really interesting.  It is almost like the world of Sugata Sanshiro (Kurosawa films) and could be really interesting.

Nama Niku: Is there any message that Yudetamago would like to share with their overseas fans?

Shimada-sensei: The theme of Kinnikuman is world peace.  Even though the Choujin bring different cultures or customs from their respective countries, when they get in the ring and fight, they do so with only their highly trained bodies, and without the use of any weapons.  

After these fights, they will develop their friendships and end up building many comrades without taking sides.  In the end, it is alien invaders that the Choujin must band together against to fight.  In this case as well, the Choujin settle their disputes and fight with only the use of their bodies and not weapons.  Even in this case however they can end up being friends with these alien invaders.  I want to create a world where we are all family and where Choujin are friends.

Nama Niku: Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule!

Original Japanese Interview:



嶋田先生: やっぱりキン肉マンを作るにあたり、ワールドワイドな世界観で作品を作りたかった。最初はテリーマンだけでしたが、じゃあ世界の超人を集めてオリンピックをやったらもっと派手でおもしろいのではないかと、ちょうど時代はモスクワオリンピックでもりあがってるときでしたから、結局日本や西側諸国はボイコットしましたが、漫画の超人オリンピックは大成功となりキン肉マンも大ヒットのきっかけとなりました

生肉: 海外でのキン肉マン人気はすごいですが、ここまで海外でキン肉マンが人気になると思われましたか?

嶋田先生: まったく思いませんでした舞台もも日本の街や建物がいっぱいでてきましたし、キン肉マンの住んでるのも木造家屋ですし、アニメ化されることもおもってなかったです。当時のジャンプはアニメーションにすると雑誌や本が売れなくなると保守的でしたから こんな日本が舞台の漫画が海外でヒットするとは夢にもおもいませんでした。

生肉: 現在、キン肉マン2世はアメリカのジャンプ/Viz メディアから発売されています。今後、アメリカでアニメまたは漫画を発売する予定はありますか?(新、旧問わず。)

嶋田先生: アメリカでの漫画は「キン肉マン2世」が最後と聞きました「2世究極の超人タッグ」は発売されないそうです。出版不況が問題のようです

生肉: ツイッターにて、アメリカ80年代に M.U.S.C.L.E.が発売されていた事を知らなかったとつぶやいていましたが、キン肉マン、キン肉マンブランドのマーケティングに、国内国外関わらず、どのように関わっていらっしゃるのですか?

嶋田先生: 知らなかったです。ハワイに行ったときに自分で発見しました 100tさんにいただいたあのタイプです。その後アメリカでのアニメのファーストシリーズの放映のはなしがあり私やジャンプ編集長がアメリカで記者会見まで開く予定でしたが アニメをやらなくても マテル社のキンケシが売れているので 放映の話はなくなりました。あの時ファーストシリーズをちゃんとやっていれば その後の4kidsの「キン肉マン2世」の北米放映はもっうまくいったでしょうね。

生肉: マッスルサミットで少し触れられましたが真弓ストーリーに関して少しお話して頂けませんか?

嶋田先生: 時代を日本が元気だった大正時代あたりにして、羽織、袴姿の真弓が 悪行超人と戦ったらおもしろいかなと 「姿三四郎}」のような世界観で描いたら面白いんではないかと。

生肉: ゆでたまご作家先生方から海外のファンに何かメッセージはありますか?

嶋田先生: キン肉マンは世界平和をテーマにした漫画です。 たとえ文化や習慣が違う国の超人どうしも戦うときは武器を使わず己の鍛えあげられた肉体ひとつでリングで戦い、戦い終わればノーサイド友情が芽生えどんどん仲間が増えていきます。そしてさいごには宇宙からの侵略者たちとは全世界の超人が力を合わせて戦います。そのときも武器を持たず鍛えた生身の体同士で決着をつけます。そして最後は宇宙の侵略者とも 友達になります。世界は家族 超人はみんな友達であることが描きたかったんです。

生肉: お忙しい中本当にありがとうございました。

Original interview conducted in Japanese, and translated into English. Nama Niku is a far cry from a professional translating service... please forgive any shortcomings - (_米_) 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old School Kinnikuman Famicom Commercials

I was playing M.U.S.C.L.E. on the ol' Nintendo today and decided to hit YouTube to see if I could dredge up an old commercial...

 I know, I know, the game truly sucks, but I am a sucker for all things Kinnikuman

While I am pretty sure there was never one made in the US, I was able to find these Japanese Kinnikuman gems ~

Kinnikuman Famicom Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match Commercial circa 1985

 Scramble for the Kinniku Throne Commercial circa 1987

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nama Niku Yudetamago Interview Exclusive!

Tune in Friday for a Nama Niku Exclusive Interview with Shimada-sensei of Yudetamago!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Definitive M.U.S.C.L.E. Kinkeshi 10 Pack Auction!

After Shimada-sensei showed off his recently aquired M.U.S.C.L.E. 10 Pack on Twitter last month, the cost of these suckers has skyrocketed!  A sealed flesh 10 pack sold on eBay yesterday for a record $202.50, and now perhaps the greatest 10 Pack Listing of all time is up and running.

All three possible variations of the M.U.S.C.L.E. 10 pack (Flesh, Colored and Half Colored/Half Flesh) are now up on eBay together in a single listing!

It makes me wonder if the Yudetamago display really sparked that much new interest into the hobby - after all, the name on the back of the package says it all...肉

Image Compliments of

Check out the original commercial where the 10 packs were first mentioned ~ Thank you Yudetamago for bringing Muscle Mania to America!

The Auction Ends December 19th, so Bid Now!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ramenman Batting for the Japanese Big Leagues?

This is my kind of press conference.  Morimoto Hichori gets traded from the Ham Fighters to the Yokohama BayStars, and makes his first official public appearance in Yokohama's famous Chinatown ~ decked out as Ramenman.

My money is on a 970,000 Choujin Power over a .266 batting average any day.  Check out the Hichori Ramenman madness below - 中

Friday, December 10, 2010

Itadaki!! Kinnikuman ~ さいきょうタッグ!ザ・マシンガンズたんじょうのまき

I felt my Nama Niku Choujin Power go up a few points this week, as the new volume of Itadaki!! Kinnikuman finally arrived in the mail from Amazon Japan.

Entitled, さいきょうタッグ!ザ・マシンガンズたんじょうのまき (Greatest Tag! The Birth of the Machine Guns), this new offering is an absolute must for fans of the Stray Devil Choujin Combo.

The Machine Guns Never Looked so Sweet and Cuddly.

Both Sunshine and Ashuraman look amazing in this story, with Sunshine appearing in both Hell's Arch and Top form!  Once again, the art work in the series is absolutely superb, with the first few pages filled with exceptionally well done renditions of some of my favorite Kinniku Universe Tag Teams.

 The Stray Devil Tag Team Throwing Down on Terryman.

If you do not have any Itadaki!! Kinnikuman in your collection, you are missing out!  Priced at only 980円, it is really hard to go wrong with this one.  Another incredible release from Yudetamago!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

キン肉マン Volume 37! Jump Comics

Kinnikuman Volume 37 represents the first new official issue of the original Kinnikuman series to have been released in the past 22 years.  Consisting of a compilation of various choujin stories, it is without a doubt a strong addition to to previous Kinnikuman story arcs.


Nakai-sensei's art work shows a level of depth and maturity that only adds to the legend and legacy of the characters now being portrayed in their later years.  Warsman's origin story was masterfully written, and perhaps my favorite entry in the new volume. 

One of the small things that really impressed me about this release was that the actual book was printed in the same style and scale of the Kinnikuman Legends Manga re-print box set.  This attention to detail creates a seamless flow in the display of the complete collection, adding even more to the quality and nostalgia of the original series.

 A view of my personal collection!

Volume 37 is broken into the following parts:


Order Your Copy Here!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Geronimo - Screaming for Vengeance!

Geronimo is arguably one of the greatest American Choujin, however the poor guy cannot even catch a break in his own country.  The Geronimo Kinkeshi sculpts are notably missing from Mattel M.U.S.C.L.E. line, and his persona in Ultimate Muscle was butchered beyond belief as "Beatlebomb."

Now, I'm clearly sensitive to the likely reasons for these exclusions, however anyone who has ever read Kinnikuman can attest to the fact that the character of Geronimo is far from a bad stereotype. 


Arches National Park is rich in Native American history, so I thought it fitting to snap a few pics of him as I was hiking there last month.

The natural beauty of the park was stunning, and I think the Geronimo Kinkeshi was happy to finally set foot on Native American soil - 肉

Visit Arches National Park

Monday, December 6, 2010

CCP Hell Missionaries LED Figures! クロス・ボンバー!!!

New CCP Muscular Collection Volumes 65 and 66 ~ Neptuneman and Big the Budo with light-up LED Cross Bomber Action!  Check out the rockin' product release video below m(_肉_)m

Order directly from the CCP Hell Missionaries Product Page.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

嶋田先生 Takes Utsunomyia ~

Shimada-sensei made a surprise visit to the Utsunomyia Muscle Shop on Saturday sporting a M.U.S.C.L.E. hat!  Based on his recent tweets he was in town to partake of the famous, local Gyoza, and apparently his new cap was rather popular with fans. (_肉_) 

Images Compliments of 嶋田先生

While M.U.S.C.L.E. hats may be fairly common among fans in the States, I am pretty sure he is the only guy with one in Japan.  He said he was really interested in getting the hat on Twitter, so this ユデッキー answered the call and sent one compliments of Nama Niku. 

 Yudetagamo + BamBam88 Power!

He was previously in Utsunomyia on 11/28 for an exclusive Muscle Shop signing event, and clearly has a place in his heart for the local Kinnikuman fans and culinary delights.

æ�¨æ�¥ã�¯å®�é�½å®®ã�®ã��ã�«ã�³ã�§è¡�ã��ã��ã��å¶�ç�°å��ç��ã�®ã... on Twitpic

The Muscle Shop features the BamBam88 Fall/Winter collection, and only runs until 12/7!  Make sure to stop by the Utsunomyia Parco and check it out if you are in the area!