Monday, January 24, 2011

Yoiko Kinkeshi DVD Box Set ~ よゐことキンケシ~濱口が有野に全418体を紹介する企画

The Yoiko Kinkeshi DVD Box Set is an absolute must for any hardcore keshi head.  Even if you do not understand a lick of Japanese, the visual display and documentation of the entire original Kinkeshi line is impressive beyond belief.  The set is comprised of two DVDs and one of two exclusive 29th anniversary Kinkeshi figures designed by Yoiko.

The program stars the Japanese comedian duo, Yoiko (Arino and Hamaguchi), and is focused solely on the background, phenomena and celebration of Kinkeshi.

Yoiko basically introduce each figure separately while adding commentary about the history and background of each character. Hamaguchi is a huge Kinnikuman fan and is able to name almost every single figure in the collection.  Japanese comedy duo hilarity ensures as the two engage in a battle of words and whit regarding the Kinkeshi marathon they have embarked on.

The duo ends up spending over four hours (no kidding) introducing and commenting on all 418 Kinkeshi individually.  There is also an additional hour of bonus material including an exclusive meeting with Shimada-sensei of Yudetamago where he answers 29 of their questions about Kinkeshi. 

"The Kannin" designed by Hamaguchi

The program shows the original Daishi for each "part" of the Bandai line, and also features images of the individual capsule inserts.  There is also a bonus feature where you can go through and view a high res image of all all 418 keshi individually.

"Kinkeshiman" designed by Arino

The DVD set is available over at starting at only 2,350円 (In new condition) from Amazon Marketplace sellers.

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