Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Star Toy Super Vinyl Royal Rumble!

Five Star Toy has been dropping a crazy amount of vinyl recently, culminating with their new Yudetamago-chan sculpt just in time for Wonder Festival and Kinnikuman Day.

Check out the silky smooth details ~

Wonder Fest:

Yoiko x Five Star Toy Collaboration ~ Robin Mask & Warsman

Yoiko explaining their designs in an upcoming episode of their show 

Yoiko are no strangers to the Kinnikuman universe. The famous comedy duo previously designed two exclusive Kinkeshi figures for the Kinnikuman 29th anniversary Yoiko Kinkeshi DVD, and have done numerous Kinnikuman bits and stunts during their stand-up routines.

As with their last Niku collab, Hamaguchi (HUGE Kinnikuman fan) took things pretty seriously, whereas Arino had a little more fun with his design...

Robin Mask ~ Images Compliments of Five Star Toy

Robin Mask "Shinobazu Pond ver."
  • Design by Hamaguchi
  • Based on the famous (floating helmet) scene where Robin Mask battled Atlantis
  • WF Exclusive
  • 29 figures total
  • 5,000円
  • Sold OUT!


Warsman "Mayonnaise Bottle ver."
  • Designed by Arino
  • Based on the iconic Kewpie Mayo bottle...
  • WF Exclusive
  • 29 figures total
  • 5,000円
  • Sold OUT

 Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise

Yudetamago x Five Star Toy ~ Yudetamago-chan

Image Compliments of Five Star Toy

Yudetamago-chan "Flesh ver."
  • Based on the Shimada-sensei cameo character appearing in the original Kinnikuman manga. 
  • WF Exclusive
  • 29 figures total
  • 3,150円
  • Sold OUT!

Medicom x Five Star Toy Collaboration ~ Akumashogun

Images Compliments of Five Star Toy

Akumashogun "Manga Color ver."
  • Will be available exclusively from Medicom
  • No release date yet

Kinnikuman Day figures:

Five Star Toy ~ Stray Devil Choujin Sofvi Collaboration

Sunshine + Ashuraman

Stray Devil Choujin Combi "set B"
  • Original Color and Six arm variant of the "Linda Garage set A"
  • Limited to 29 sets
  • Pre-order directly from Five Star Toy HERE
  • Ship Date: Mid August
  • 19,800円

KIN29SHOP x Five Star Toy ~ Yudetamago-chan

Image Compliments of KIN29SHOP

Yudetamago-chan details:
  • KIN29SHOP Kinnikuman Day  Exclusive
  • Limited to 29 figures
  • 6,300 円


  1. Flesh Yudetamago-chan is sweet!

  2. I have pre-order my Sunshine + Ashuraman set yesterday. ^o^ it's seem really cool!

    Damn your blog, i have no more money now hahaha! ^~^

  3. lol Glad I could help : )

    That is a great set for sure! Love the colors.

  4. I have been wondering what might be the reason behind this Robin&Warsman color sheme... now I see, seems that five star really like this two character as I have seen quite a few repaints lately: all black wiht white cap, white eyes, and all black with red eyes.
    Purple ashuraman is really nice, I preorder mine with Linda garage (the one with 3 arms missing). What might be the next figure from five star that we can look forward to... I think goldman might not be far behind :)