Monday, July 25, 2011

Gyu-Dome Namakeshi

Nama Niku x TGB Customs Namakeshi Collaboration:

 Gyu-Dome ~ Beef Bowl Choujin Extraordinaire  

 11 Unique Colors

 Cast in Thermo Color Change Resin

Exclusive to Nama Niku

80 Degrees "Warm" Color

Room Temperature "Cold" Colors

The Beefy Details:
  • Design ~ Sculpt ~ Kitbash: Nama Niku
  • Casting and Wizardry: TGB Customs
  • Thermo Color Change Magic: Solar Color Dust 
  • Glow in the Dark action as well!!!

I’ve received a few questions on these, so here’s a little more Au Jus. As far as availability goes, the first run was pretty much done for fun to test the waters of interest. I'm kicking around the idea to do more, but am not sure at this point. What do you guys think?

My Nama King, Trichonosis and Half Baked Ham designs are all part of the Mad Collaboration project, and I will be giving those out on Nama Niku when I get my shipment from Mad Joe.


  1. Freakin awesome~! The Pink, Orange and Green look great~!

  2. How can we purchase? Or can we?

  3. These are great!

  4. This was just a teaser/test run. Thinking of doing a second run to be sold on Nama Niku.

    Will also be doing a Namakeshi give away with my Nama King sculpt when they arrive from Mad JOe.

  5. i got the Orange one, it rocks~!

  6. I want one...these are awesome..