Thursday, July 28, 2011

7th official 肉の日!

The 7th official Kinnikuman Day/肉の日 takes place on 7/29 as part of the All Japan Kids Wrestling Federation National Championships held in Niigata, Japan.  Yudetamago and the Kinnikuman Franchise are the official sponsors for the event.

Friday the 29th is a bit of a word play in Japanese that cleverly works out to represent "Kinniku day." The "kin" in kinyoubi/Friday, coupled with the "ni/2" and "ku/9," of the 29th end up forming Kin-ni-ku ~

Yudetamago are big supports of the wrestling and MMA scenes, as well as many charitable efforts and causes dedicated to helping children.

All of the kids participating in the tournament are eligible to win special prizes and will receive Kinniku swag including Kinnikuman art + merchandise for their participation.

There will also be a Kinnikuman Day exhibit as well as exclusive Kinnikuman merchandise up for grabs.

Happy Kinniku Day ~ Kinnikuman GO Fight!!!

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