Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yudetamago x Nigo x Figure King ~ Apegon Project

New from the Yudetamago x Nigo x Figure King Apegon Collaboration Project...

Images Compliments of Yudetamago

Apegon Action Figure:

 Pentagon sporting his Apegon Bape duds

Apegon T Shirt:

Apparently Nigo of Bape fame is a big Japanese Pro Wrestling fan and has been pretty involved in supporting the scene over there.  He also indicated on the Apegon product page that he could have never imagined as a kid reading Kinnikuman that he would one day be doing a collaboration with Yudetamago. 

BAPESTA 2010 x Kinnikuman Collaboration

I have been a fan of A Bathing Ape for quite some time now, and have to say that the Apegon project is a rather nice follow-up to the BAPESTA!! PRO-WRESTLING 2010 x Kinnikuman Collaboration. Authentic Bape gear generally runs on the pricy side, but these collab pieces are actually very reasonable for the brand.

Check out their US site here!

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