Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kinnikuman Legends Reprint Box Set ~ キン肉マン 復刻BOX“伝説

While the Kinnikuman Legends Box Set has been out for quite some time now, Amazon Japan just slashed the price by 66%!!!

While I am not quite sure what is behind the price drop, all that really matters is that is moved from 26,250円 to a crazy affordable 8,865円.  I do not foresee a better time to add this sucker to your collection! 

Check out the official product video for the complete specs:

Order your set today from Amazon Japan!  The English order page is super simple + they offer direct overseas shipping.

Want more details?  Check out my previous post when the set was released last fall ~ 肉


  1. Wow! I should buy this to start my collection! But how much will it be for the overseas shipping?

  2. When I purchased mine last year, they charged me 3,000円 for EMS International Express. Took like three days from the time it shipped to arrive.

  3. My set arrived yesterday shipping to Thailand is 2200 yen by DHL, very nice :)
    Hightly Recomended especially with this price drop, thanks Nama Niku for the head up.

  4. Great news Jigsaw! It is really a fantastic set and such a nice price right now.

    Thanks to all my readers in Thailand!!!