Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kinnikuman x CCP In the Jungle Report!

Big "THANKS" to my Twitter buddy and super Yudekkii, UGOEnterpris, for providing me with these pics and coverage of the Osaka Kinnikuman Jungle Event!!!  Make sure to follow him on Twitter!

The event took place on 6/4 at the Osaka location of Jungle ~ check out these highlights:

All Images Compliments of UGOEnterpris

For those of you living in SoCal, or for peeps who have ever attended Comic-con, you may already be familiar with the the Anime Jungle satellite store in L.A..

Jungle has a full toy shop on F1, with a small auditorium on F2

Hell Missionaries

Yudetamago, CCP, Jungle, and Kinnikuman fans all over Japan have been extremely generous with their charitable efforts since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Now is the time for Friendship Power/友情パワー!

 Romando x CCP Collab Figures

 Crazy Cool Wolfman 

 Hand Painted Variants

 Charity T Shits for Sale

 Shimada-sensei Signing Autographs


Talk Show featuring Shimada-sensei and the head of CCP dishing on Kinnikuman, Yoshinoya, earthquake stories and recovery efforts, as well as Kinnikuman character sculpting, and the vinyl toy industry...

Talk show comedian/host dressed up like a character from Gundam (no idea why ~ lol)

Stray Devil Choujin Combi

 Upcoming Kinnikuman Sculpt

 Yude Autographs!

I really need to make it out to one of these events in the future!  Be sure to check out 's blog for further pics and coverage ~ 肉


  1. I had no idea of Anime Jungle, i'm so checking it out this week. :D

  2. Apparently it is a pretty rad store. I have bought from them online as well as at Comic-con, but never at the actual store location.

  3. LA is about 45-50mins from me, i gotta check it out at least. :)

  4. Do you have information about Buffaloman brown in the back? It's seems totally new and beautiful...

  5. Let me see if I can find any information on that Buffaloman. It looks great!

  6. Thx, but don't worry, i can ask it to Endo san, if you don't have information.
    I'm in contact with it, it was he who told me about your blog.

  7. It looks like a painted version of this Sofvi sculpt

  8. Clinton, do you collect a lot of CCP figures? Say "hi" to Endo-San for me! Go CCP!

  9. Thx, yes Buffaloman Unpaint, was in first Famima exclusivity, i have one ;).

    Yes, i try to make an good collection, from France, not easy some time Hahaha!

    You can see my kinnikuman collection here:

    Thx again ;), Go CCP!

  10. Wow Clinton, those pictures are amazing! I would love to share some on Nama Niku if you are interested?

  11. Really Thx!^^
    Of course you can share, no problem.
    It's a pleasure for me to participate to your blog.
    If you want re-shooting of figures too, tell me, i try to do my best!