Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kinnikuman × B & Y Collaboration

Celebrate the upcoming Kinnikuman Day in style with these super sick Kinniku Black and White Box Sets from Yudetamago and Beauty & Youth United Arrows.

Kinnikuman Black

Kinnikuman White

Each set will include:
  • An exclusive Five Star Toy x Kinnikuman × B & Y Sofvi Figure
  • One size fits all adjustable Kinnikuman × B & Y Collab cap
  • Kinnikuman T featuring original artwork by Yudetamago (different design for each set) 

Black Sofvi Exclusive

Black T Front

White Sofvi Exclusive

White T Front

Both are priced at 19,950円 a pop with free shipping within Japan. 

Pre-orders are now open exclusively on Amazon Japan, with the actual street date set for Kinnikuman Day (Friday, July 29th).  Keep in mind that the sets need to be ordered by T Shirt size (S, M, L) and color, with each combo limited to a run of 100.

Pre-order your set today!

1 comment:

  1. The price is the only thing that keeping me from placing order... The items in the set are very nice though.