Thursday, June 23, 2011

CCP-T x Kinsofu Combos!

Just got word that the new CCP x Kinnikuman Kinsofu special price sets are now up for pre-sale on Amazon Japan and Rakuten. 

Images Compliments of CCP

The inside scoop:
  • Sets include a T Shirt of your choice plus a randomly selected Kinsofu figure (examples shown above)
  • Over ten T Shirt designs to choose from (see them all here)!
  • Available in sizes S ~ XXXL!  These run a little small, so I would suggest ordering a size or two above what you normally wear. Check the exact measurements just to be safe.
  • Kinsofu color and design will be given out randomly, with standard figure sizes ranging from 20cm/7.8 inches ~ 25cm/9.8 inches.
  • Each order also gives you the chance to be awarded a GIANT Mystery Kinsofu (45cm/18 inches) in lieu of a standard size figure.
  • 3,500円 per set. 
  • Promotion runs now through July 15th.

Neptune Man - Ichiban
    Warsman CCCP
    "Friendship of the Devil" ~ Ashuraman & Sunshine

While neither Amazon Japan or Rakuten offer an overseas shipping option for these particular items, there are still a few ways to get in on this crazy CCP action... 

You can always use a third party shopping service (personally not a fan), or use a forwarding service like Tenso.  With Tenso, you can create your own Amazon Japan account in English, purchase the items yourself, and pay directly with a credit card. You can then have your Amazon Japan purchase sent to your personal Tenso forwarding address in Tokyo. Tenso will then charge you a small fee and actual overseas shipping to have the package sent to you.

Head over to the CCP Amazon Japan page or the CCP Rakuten shop to get in on this incredible deal!


  1. But is really 3500 Yen for 1 t-shirt + 8 Kinsofu????

    That's seem amazing if that's true!

    Ordinary price was 1500 for one Kinsofu...

    Unfortunally i have all except Neptune king unmasked.... But for have it, 3500 + t-shirt seem cool!

  2. It is 1 shirt + 1 Kinsofu for 3,500円。I think that is an amazing price!

  3. Ok....

    Sorry for not reading correctly ^^

    Yes that's true, that's a good price.

    Black hole t-shirt seem cool... But i must wait, another opportunity, to have Neptuneking Unmasked flesh .^^

    Thank for good English information ;)

  4. Once again this blog provide Kinikuman fan with great information. Thanks so much, King.100.ton :)

    I am looking for 4 out of this 8, so I think my chance is really good and with the T-shirt, this is a very sweet deal.
    Kinikuman Flesh
    Neptune King Flesh
    Great Flesh
    Great Orange
    Rikishiman Flesh
    Rikishiman Orange
    Broken Jr in Uniform Blue
    Buffaloman Red
    Anyway, does anyone know the different between the shirt with price of 3150 yen and 3500 yen?

  5. The 3150 price is for the t shirt only! The 3500 price includes the Kinsofu.