Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Super Green Universe of KomKom World

KomKom World: Green Kinkeshi Site Extraordinaire ~

Image Compliments of KomKom World

The idea behind this website is pretty cool.  The owner went through his closet a few years back, discovering an old bag of Kinkeshi.  After experiencing a powerful rush of childhood memories, he gets the insatiable desire to start collecting Kinkeshi again.  This time around however there is a twist ~ he only wants the green ones...

The goal of KomKom is to collect and document every single Kinkeshi released in green, and his online archive is quite impressive. 

Head on over to KomKom World and check it out!  

Lastly, while this video has nothing to do with Kinnikuman... I get the Greenman theme song stuck in my head every time I visit KomKom, and so should you!

Super Green song from Ike! Greenman

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