Thursday, September 1, 2011

Incoming from CCP

Check out these new figures coming down the massive CCP pipeline ~

Ultimate Grade Akuma Shogun Diamond Version w/ real Ruby inlay 
(All Images Compliments of CCP)

Over the top wooden box + Ruby authenticity certificate

Flesh Kinnikuman Kinsofu

Kinnikuman Solider prototype

Prototype Mongolman Unmasked (Ramenman) Ver.

Also be sure to visit the CCP online Rakuten shop for a new selection of CCP Kinnikuman figures for purchase!


  1. WTF? Kinnikuman Kinsofu was planned? really? °.°

  2. It looks awesome! Very excited for this one. They are going to announce more details on the release next week.

  3. Kinnikuman kinsofu looks great!

  4. Those are just going to be insane itself. I got no nails in this wait ^^