Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Star Toy x Medicom Collaboration

New from the Nostalgic Sofvi Collection EX line:

Five Star Toy x Medicom Akuma Shogun (B) ~

 Images Compliments of Five Star Toy

The Devil in the Details:


  1. Is a really strange color...°~°
    I don't understand "JCS Color"..... Can you explain me?

  2. I believe it stands for for "Jump Comics" color. If you look on the cover of the original manga, Akuma Shogun is shown as being red.

    He can also change color I guess based on his Choijin Kodo. There is also a theme in the story about Akuma Shogun being dyed with the blood of the world.

  3. HOoo, it was my first feeling. Thx for the explain ^.^