Monday, August 15, 2011

Niku x CCP

Thumbs up on the second round of Kinnikuman shirts from CCP.  These new and rather nifty looking designs feature Niku x CCP figures with various wacky phrases and sayings that will keep your friends and co-workers guessing...

 Images Compliments of CCP

 I see a potential for a slick Hammer Horror film title here...
Frankenstein Meets Bloodshed in Berlin!

"No Bear Claw, No Life." Amen brother.

Designs are available as either T Shirt only for 3,150円 or T Shirt + random Kinsofu Figure for 3,500円.  

The skinny:
  • Available in sizes S ~ XXXL! These run a little small, so I would suggest ordering at least a size up from what you normally wear. Check the exact measurements just to be safe.
  • Kinsofu color and design will be given out randomly, with standard figure sizes ranging from 20cm/7.8 inches ~ 25cm/9.8 inches.
  • Each 3,500円 shirt order also gives you the chance to be awarded a GIANT Mystery Kinsofu (45cm/18 inches) in lieu of a standard size figure. 

Head over to the CCP shop to see all the neato Niku action.


    1. Really like the new disign and the phrase, different shirt color would be nice. By the way, doesn't anyone know when the first batch of the shirt will be shipped and what might the mysterious big size figures be? Just curious :)

    2. Thanks for the comment! I received notice from CCP last Friday that my order shipped. I contacted them via email and they said that they were a little behind on orders.

      The mystery figures are the giant Warsman and
      Robinmask Romando x CCP Collab figures

    3. Thanks so much for the info, King 100t ;)
      I don't know why, I kept thinking that this mystery giant figures would be something different or something that hasn't been released... therefore it's mysterious....
      Just want to see what might the next RobinmaskxCCP will be.
      Great Blog!!!

    4. Got the notice that my order arrived at forwarding agency. Now the suspense begins, hoping that the order come with the least number of duplicate of random figures. By the way, what are the random figure that you get with your order? Get any mystery figures by any chance.