Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kinnikuman 対 Le Merde @ SDCC 2011

Hands down my highlight of SDCC 2011 was meeting Le Merde and chatting it up about vinyl toys and the Kinnikuman universe.

Le Merde wielding the mighty Megalith and neato Kinnikuman thingy

In a rather serendipitous twist of fate I hit the Gargamel x Grass Hut booth, and discovered the undisputed holy mecca of Kinnikuman fans at the con.  Three cheers for Art Junkie Kinnikuman shirts.

Le Merde as it turns out is a HUGE Kinnikuman fan, and I give him major props for taking some time to kick it will ol' Nama Niku at their booth.  He is insanely talented, and I seriously dig all his figures and artwork.

He explained that his new Megalith design was partially inspired by his passion for M.U.S.C.L.E. and Kinkeshi, and I have to say that the sculpt is beyond cool.  He also let me check out some of the crazy keshi the Gargamel guys brought for him from Japan ~ can't get enough of rare boots!

Be sure to check out Le Merde's collabs with Super7 and Gargamel.  You can also see a sample of his vinyl figures over at his blog.

Some of the Le Merde goodies I picked up @ SDCC 2011:

The Heavens shining down on a truly epic Megalith vinyl blank

 SDCC Le Merde x Super7 Burgerbuns meets Geronimo

 Le Miniverse ~ You Guys HAVE to get these!

Gargamel SDCC Exclusive w/ Le Merde's Hujili's Ghost

 A little Le Merde Art action

 Flesh Mania print by Le Merde ~ a possible new meaning here... ?

Super thanks to Lucky Nakazawa and Josh Barnett for noticing my Art Junkie T, and for being so incredibly nice.  Josh is a MMA legend, and it blew my mind to be chatting with him about Art Junkie and Yudetamago.  Make sure to grab the latest issue of Drunken Master featuring an interview with Josh, and keep your eyes peeled for the Lucky Nakazawa x Gargamel FU Robo... (go toybot!)

Also big thanks to Arbito and the Gargamel guys ~ really digging my Mini Squishy figures and Mini Pocket Kaiju.  It was totally rad to talk to you all about Kinnikuman and the amazing figures you are creating!

Can't wait for SDCC 2012!


  1. Wait! You met Josh Barnett? I've been mezmerized by his last match against Brett Rodgers and watched it several times. He's a master at what he does.

    What's his connection to SDCC? Was he there with a certain artist? Was he there as a collector/fan?

    The Le Merde stuff is awesome indeed. I have to get my hands on those three Le Miniverse figs for sure!

  2. Josh was at the Gargamel/Grass Hut booth doing signings of the latest issue of Drunken Master. Kiyoshi (Lucky Nakazawa) did an interview with Josh in the latest issue.

    Josh knows all those guys, as well as Kato from Art Junkie. We both know Kato and Yudetamago... Crazy huh?

    I was kinda shy and did not ask for an autograph.... Kicking myself now. Check out Drunken Master for sure! Kiyoshi also had a Gargamel mini fig there!