Monday, February 21, 2011

Yudetamago Present ~ ゆでたまご先生 GO Fight!

Shimada-sensei's role in getting this blog off the ground cannot be understated.  As always, I have to give him many thanks and major props for his friendship and kindness.

Around mid-2010 we began exchanging Twitter messages and emails discussing foreign Kinnikuman fan sites. We covered the overseas Kinniku fan phenomenon, custom made Kinkeshi, as well as the history of M.U.S.C.L.E. and other overseas Kinnikuman items that he was previously unaware of.  

A few months back he indicated that he would be sending me a "present" for my help and dedication to the global Kinnikuman effort, and yesterday one of my greatest Kinniku dreams came true...

Imagine being awakened by a knock at the door with a postman bearing a package from Yudetamago - I kid not, an actual honest to goodness express package all the way from Tokyo.  I was nervous as hell opening the package so slowly and carefully; palms sweating and letting a few expletives slip out in excitement and wonder.  With the tape off, and everything now ready to go... this was the first thing out of the bag...

The New Crown Jewel of my Kinnikuman Collection ~ 肉

It may sound a little dramatic to say so, but what I was holding in my hands almost brought tears of joy to my eyes; a personalized, hand drawn color image of Kinnikuman signed by Yudetamago.  

For those of you who watched the recent Muscle Summit you will know how these portraits are created.  Basically Nakai-sensei draws and colors Kinnikuman, with both Nakai-sensei and Shimada-sensei signing and merging their individual signatures into the singular "Yudetamago" signature.  It gave me the chills when I saw one of these created live at the Muscle Summit, and it gives me chills now to actually have one of these in my collection.

Next up was a BamBam88 bag clearly filled with goodies and untold Kinnikuman wonders...

What came out next was also special beyond belief.  Two exclusive, BamBam88 T shirts only available from Yudetamago.  These suckers are not for sale, and cannot be found in any store.  They are extremely limited in number and are only given out by Yudetamago in special circumstances.  Shimada-sensei was kind enough to send one along for me, and one for my wife as well!

Incredible Full Color Design BamBam88 Ts!

On the Back!

Absolute Nama Niku Insanity!

Also included in the package was a sweet Kinnikuman postcard and a very nice hand written letter.  Thank you Yude-sensei for sharing Kinnikuman with the world ~ GO GO 友情パワー!

ゆでたまご先生 , プゼントありがとうございました!


  1. That is so awesome!

  2. Now, I just need to get it framed... lol

  3. Pure awesomeness! That is just beyond kewl!

  4. wow! i am extremely jealous about those shirts! dang! awesome sauce. the pic is a very cool gesture on sensei's part. very cool story and i know how you feel when you have a personal encounter with a "hero". congrats to you bro, you deserve it for all the hard work you have done.

  5. Hey man, i wanted to share a similar experience with you from my trip to BamBam88. There's a few other things mentioned, but if you skip to the bottom you should see the Koenji section with all the Kinnikuman stuff there. Thanks for recommending the stores for me last month!!