Wednesday, February 9, 2011

肉の日 Kinnikuman Day 2/9 - Kinnikuman Go Fight! 

31 years ago today on February 9th, 1980, Kinnikuman volume 1 was released by Jump Comics.  The date itself is rather significant in Kinnikuman lore as 2月9日 (2 = ni, 9 = ku) = 肉の日 or Niku Day...

Image Compliments of ゆでたまご嶋田

In celebration of this historic event, the Nakano Broadway Mandarake Microkan is throwing a huge 肉の日 (Niku Day) event featuring everything from rare Kinkeshi and classic action figures to obscure Kinnikuman promotional items from years gone by.

 Image Compliments of 396kancho aka Micro Miyakoshi

A short list of Kinnikuman items on parade today at the Nakano Broadway Microkan:
Check out the official Mandarake Kinnikuman Day Info page for more details.

Last but not least to all the Nama Niku readers... wherever in the world you may be on 2/9, make sure to get your Kinniku pride on - One Nation Under Kinnikuman ~ 肉


  1. Going to be sporting a Kinnikuman T at work on 2/9 and coming home to read some Kinnikuman and maybe even get in a few episodes of the cartoon.

    Drop a comment to let me know if you will be doing anything to show your Kinniku pride ~ 肉

  2. Happy Kinniku Day!

    im going to write something on my blog, and watch a new episode at Hokuto no Gun ;)

  3. Happy Kinnikuman day!! I'm going to read Kinniku manga and play Kinnikuman Generations on my PS2. ^-^