Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CCP Muscular Collection vol.062 ~ Kinnikuman Great

New from the insanely popular CCP Muscular Collection comes Kinnikuman Great with a customizable head option that allows you to basically build your favorite version of the character.

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The thing that really blows me away about these figures is that they are handmade and hand painted in Japan.  Each figure receives such great attention to detail, that you are really investing in a piece of Kinnikuman art by adding one of these bad boys to your collection.
The juicy details:
  • Kinnikuman Great ~ 6,300
  • Kinnikuman Great with Special CPP Figure Stand ~ 6,825
  • Kamehame Version (head only) ~ 1,050
  • Terryman Version (head only) ~ 1,050
  • Headless Kinnikuman Great Body ~ 5,250
This kind of mixing and matching puts Legos to shame... okay maybe not... but still pretty damn cool.
Pre-orders run February 23 - March 31st, with a September shipping date.  Jump on over to the CCP order page to get in on the action ~ 生肉

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