Monday, February 14, 2011

Champion Muscle Kingdom Training Gym

Be a part of the official Kinnikuman Muscle Kingdom gym with this nifty Niku gear being offered exclusively from the fine folks at

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While I totally dig the artwork and design on these bad boys, the feature that really sold me was the fact that they run in actual US sizes!  The product details page clearly indicates that since these suckers are printed on authentic Champion brand threads, they follow true USA standard measurements  ~米

I don't care what anyone else says... a Japanese XL is not the same as an American XL - case closed end of story (Cross Bombers from the Hells Missionaries for anyone who disagrees).

I have spent a large amount of time in Japan over the last decade, and can say from first hand experience that it is never safe to assume that that a T produced for the Japanese market will fit like one in the "same size" produced for an overseas market.  The only way to be sure is to check the actual product measurements, and never go by generic sizes. 

Japanese T's from companies like BamBam88 typically run a little small when compared to standard US sizing charts, so it is nice to see some Kinniku gear that will fit my American arse without having to bust out the measuring tape before ordering ~米

Now, with that rant out of the way:

T's Gray or Navy ~ S-XL @ 5,460円 a pop...
Hoodies Navy or Gray ~ S-L @ a whopping 12,390円 each... Mama Mia that parka better fit like a glove!

More details and ordering info over @ Famima - 肉


  1. I unfortunatly dont own any Kinnikuman shirts and would love to have lots of 'em. These look really cool and i would love to own 'em.

  2. If there is any shirt you really want, and don't mind paying a premium... you can always order them from Rakuten - many sellers ship directly overseas.

  3. How much are they anyway? We don t have that big of an income at my place. Waiting till my fiance has our baby then one of us wil get a job.