Monday, October 10, 2011

Yudetamago-Sensei ~ Part I

Day one in Japan, and I'm already on Kinnikuman overload!  Monster sized thanks to the Yudetamago crew for an incredible evening!  

Shimada-sensei and ol' 100t

Much of the night was spent discussing how much Yudetamago appreciates their fans from all over the world.  It was great sharing stories about the passion and dedication of their supporters, and how this iconic franchise has created lasting friendships transcending cultural and geographical borders. 

Yudetamago has some amazing things in the works for Kinnikuman fans, and I am really excited to know that the Kinnikuman legacy is alive and burning.  Shimada-sensei sends his sincere thanks to all of you!

A few pics until next time ~

 Killer Tokyo restaurant! 
(Lots of pics of Japanese MMA fighters and Pro Wrestlers on the wall)

The man really likes his food!

Shimada-sensei on the wall

The restaurant owner is a huge Kinnikuman fan!
(Keeps his Kinkeshi collection in the restaurant and these posters in the bathroom)

Yude Shochu

Kinnikuman Okonomiyaki

A true Tokyo cowboy!
(Utah Rye Choujin Whiskey)

Stay tuned for more Yudetamago and Kinnikuman coverage straight from Japan ~ 肉