Monday, October 10, 2011

KIN29SHOP ~ Part I

A top priority for any Niku head visiting Tokyo has got to be making a pilgrimage to the KIN29SHOP!  Tucked away on a quiet street in Koenji lies one of the greatest assortments of Kinnikuman merchandise around.

KIN29SHOP Storefront

KIN29 x Five Star Sofvi + CCP Collab Kinsofu

WWE collab T's 50% off!

New Era collab

Okinawa Pro Wrestling collab T's

Punk Drunkers collab section

MxMxM collab skate decks

New Kinniku caps

The Holy Mecca of Kinnikuman Gear!

Ikegami-san the Great!

Sincere thanks to Ikegami-san of BamBam88 for being so hospitable during my visit.  I cannot thank him enough for hooking me up with some amazing KIN29SHOP madness!

Stay tuned for more KIN29SHOP coverage including their new collab with Da-Flow Team ~  肉


  1. Wow, they have the Okinawa Pro collab shirt at the store? What's cool about that shirt is that I've met Super Delfin a couple of times and now hes part of the Kinnikuman collab, just too awesome! :)

  2. They got some of the coolest cothing ever. I dig the Kinniku caps!