Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nisei Choujin Tag Arc Comes to a Close

The Kinnikuman Nisei Kyukyoku Choujin Tag Arc has come to a close.

Image Compliments of Yudetamago

Big thanks to Yudetamago for continuing to put out fantastic material and for keeping the Kinniku legacy alive!

I really enjoyed the last big match with Thunder and Lightning and continue to be impressed with the humanity that Mantaro shows his defeated opponents. Very reminiscent of some of the themes in the Kajiba no Kuso-jikara Arc.

Really looking forward to whatever they have in store for us next ~ 肉


  1. So that was the final chapter? Thought there was at least one more.

    But all in all, sure was great to see the series last this long.

  2. That would be awesome on a shirt~!

  3. They are slated to do a one shot chapter next week, but as far as the tag arc story goes they are done with the writing etc.