Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kinnikuman Tokyo Shopping Guide

Heading to Japan anytime soon?  Check out my top picks for the best spots in Tokyo to score Kinnikuman goods! 

1. Nakano Broadway

Top Kinnikuman Broadway spots: 
  • Mandarake Micro (4F) - Kinkeshi, Gachapon, Microman, Romando, Sofvi, CCP, Pansonworks, Daishi, Play Sets, other rare Niku stuff etc.
  • Ganking (1 + 2F) - Kinkeshi, Gachapon, CCP, Sofvi, Medicos, Pansonworks
  • Gaocchi (3F) - Vintage Kinkeshi
  • (Too many other small shops with various Kinnikuman Gachapon to list)
  • Location Map
  • Floor Map

2. Figure Hobby-kan (Akihabara Liberty 8)

The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • F1 - Glass Case w/rare Microman, Romando, CCP, Medicos, vintage Kinnikuman goods.
  • Action Character floor - Gachapon galore (top stock!), Kubrick, re-release Kinkeshi.
  • Location Map

3. Hobby Figure (Akihabara Liberty 7)

The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • Tons of re-release Kinkeshi and Gachapon from almost every Kinniku release series.
  • Location Map

4. Mandarake (Akihabara Complex)

The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • CCP, Sofvi, Medicos, Microman, packaged Kinkeshi 28 packs, Play Sets, Romando.
  • Location Map

5. Radio Kaikan (Akihabara)


The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • Multiple shops carrying new and used Medicos, Gachapon (tons), CCP.
  • Right on Chuo Dori (can't miss it).
  • I have to admit that I like the original location much better.  This temporary one is not too shabby though, and worth a visit for sure.

6. Yodobashi (Akihabara)

The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • Two large areas with all new toys.  Depending on product releases, this is a great place to find new Kinniku Medicos, boxed Gachapon etc.
  • Location Map

7. Golden Age Toys (Akihabara)

The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • Vintage Kinkeshi
  • Location (right next to the Figure Hobby-kan)

7. Kaikodo (Okegawa, Greater Tokyo area)

The Kinnikuman Goods:
  • Exclusive location of the Kaikodo x Romando series, tons of Romandos, Gachapon, Kinkeshi.
  • A bit out of the way, but worth the trip!  A five min walk from the Okegawa station.
  • Location Map

While there are other shops worth mentioning, I am sticking with places where I have consistently found good things over the years.  Always be sure to check store days and hours before heading out.  Also keep in mind that stock changes daily at these places, so go back often...

Last but not least, check out my previous post on KIN29SHOP.  This one cannot be missed!

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