Monday, September 12, 2011

The Secret Side of CCP

CCP Mailing List exclusive:
Kinnikuman "Battle Uniform Special Edition"

Image Compliments of CCP

This figure is only available to people on the CCP mailing list.  Basically, CCP sends out an email at a random date and time with a direct link to the purchase page. These go really quick, so you have to act fast.

Not on the CCP mailing list?  Sign up now!  They offer a wide variety of limited mail mag figures, so if you are not on the list, you will miss out for sure.

(PC mail list version is the one with the pink background).


  1. Yes i have see it...
    But what should I do to buy it?
    Contact Endo directly?

  2. Mailng list exclusive buying opportunities are somewhat random. It is a surprise when the the figure will go on sale. There will be an email to only people who have signed up with a direct link to purchase the figure. The date time and price are all a mystery... that is why you need to be on the list!

  3. Ok, wait and see ;).
    Thx for information!

  4. Yes, great question! Wait and see for sure. The mail exclusives are exciting because they are limited and usually have a great price.

  5. 14,800Yen With Zippo.... Hum...not for me unfortunately.... But Kinnikuman was really nice!!!...

    But i lets you show the picture ^.^

    Nobody was interested only by the Zippo??? ^O^

  6. The Lighter seems really plain... then which would be valued more the figure or lighter? Anyway, has this Kinnikuman in battled suite be painted yet