Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Five Star Toy x TOYFUL Collaboration

From the pages of the 7 Devil Choujins Arc, comes a killer spin on two classic Nostalgic Sofvi Collection sculpts:

Five Star Toy x TOYFUL Collaboration "The Miracles B Set - Hell's Shower Ver."
Kinnikuman + Mongolman

Image Compliments of TOYFUL

These figures are being released in part to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of TOYFUL's online Rakuten Shop.  They carry a great selection of Five Star Toy and CCP Kinnikuman figures as well as many other popular Japanese lines.

RIP Springman:
  • Limited to 29 sets
  • Includes: Kinnikuman + Mongolman
  • Price: 13,600円 
  • Ships: 9/29
  • Full order details: HERE


  1. Mongolman have a nice skin color...
    Nice but not indispensable i think.^.^

  2. Hi,
    I think I saw somewhere throught the links that there are set A and set B, just wonder if anyone know what the difference other than distribution channel (through Toyful and Fivestar web).
    Also, My ccp shirt pack arrived and get a few duplicate in the lot (I ordered 10 shirts). followings are figures that I recieved:
    1 x Neptune King
    1 x Jumbo Robin
    1 x Jumbo Warsman
    2 x 20M Mongol man
    1 x 20M Buffaloman
    2 x Unicorn head Robin
    1 x Pentagon
    1 x Blood splatter Kinnikuman Great
    So it see the figure are really random from all the mono tone ccp figures which I already have some duplicate. Thinking that unmask Neptune problably hasn't been distributed yet.

  3. Hi! The TOYFUL version has a battle scratch on Mongolmans head, the Five Sar Toy one does not. That's it. A tiny detail of difference... (=^ェ^=)

    Your CCP order sounds amazing! Glad you got the jumbo figures! Any links to pictures?

  4. I want see Jumbo figures too! ^o^

  5. Hi, I have post some pics on Thai Toys web board, check it out:


    Hope you guys enjoy it :)

  6. wow!!!! That collection is amazing! Thanks for sharing!