Monday, March 7, 2011

Osaka Nipponbashi Street Festival ~ Kinnikuman Event!

The 7th Annual Osaka Nipponbashi Street Festival takes place on March 21st, and features an exclusive Yudetamago speaking and signing engagement sponsored by CCP and JUNGLE Special Collectors Shop. 

For those of you living in SoCal, or for peeps who have ever attended Comic-con,  you may already be familiar with the the Anime Jungle satellite store in L.A..

Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the Street Festival, however only 120 lucky people will be let into the Kinnikuman special event.  The speaking engagement will feature Shimada-sensei, and is expected to cover a range of Kinnikuman topics, followed by two handshaking and signing events limited to 30 crazed Yudekkii per session.

The kicker here is that the signing and hand shaking opportunities are only available to the fans who are lucky enough to purchase of one of two extremely rare, Street Festival exclusive CCP figures sets.

Set A - 6,000円 (only 30 avaiable):
  • Kinnikuman Great ~ Clear blue version
  • Ashuraman ~ Black blood splattered version
  • Sunshine ~ Black blood splattered version
Set B - 6,000円 (only 30 avaiable):
  • Kinnikuman Great ~ Clear blue version
  • Kinnikuman ~ Black blood splattered version
  • Akuma Shogun ~ Black blood splattered version
The speaking engagement will be held at the in->dependent theatre.  Head on over to Jungle for info on how to get into the event, as well as images of the exclusive figures ~ 肉


  1. Seriously huh! Yudetamago are really going to try and make it to the US this year for a small Kinnikuman event... hope it really happens!

  2. Now that would be so awesome!! I would try my hardest to go!!