Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Junkie x Kinnikuman Collaboration

New this week from the Kinnikuman x Art Junkie Collaboration project ~ Crazy fresh colorful T's featuring Alexandria Meat, Mr. #6 (Art Junkie's very own Choujin or sorts) and Wolfman aka Rikishiman ~ 肉

 Image Compliments of Art Junkie Tokyo

T Shirt Back
 Image Compliments of Art Junkie Tokyo

Sizes run in XS - XL with both shirts being offered in a variety of colors.  

I am totally down with supporting Art Junkie on these as they go out of their way to cater to overseas fans by offering direct International shipping, English customer service, and PayPal as the preferred form of payment!

To get in on the Spring collection, contact AJ directly!  I ordered one last night by simply dropping them an email from their contact link, and they replied in English with full PayPal ordering instructions.  Super nice peeps by the way... hard to go wrong on these.

Also be sure to check out their Rakuten shop for all of their past season Kinnikuman designs.


  1. sweet shirts, i wanna do stuff like that~!

  2. You should! We need to get some sweet licensed Kinnikuman gear here in the states...

  3. That would be great to have Kinnikuman merchandise here indeed!