Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nama King ~ Mad Collaboration

With the Mad Collaboration project now in full swing,  I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring with what I hope to be the first in a series of Namakeshi...

 生キング/Nama King

The concept behind Nama King is pretty simple.  I wanted to incorporate King the 100t and the idea behind 生肉/Nama Niku; raw passion and dedication to Kinnikuman and Niku Mania!

If my submission is welcomed into the Mad Collaboration fold, the readers of Nama Niku will be the first to know... and you of course will be the first Yudekkii with a chance to get your hands on one!

Knolvin ~ Image Compliments of Mad Joe

Last but not least, there was a big reveal from Mad Joe this past week when he showcased the first open invitation custom figure, Knoivin.  I believe he said the keshi was created by an artist going by the name of "Wolverine Burgers."  This is a very strong and crazy interesting design, somewhat reminiscent of the mushroom people in Matango.

Check out the most recent Mad Collaboration updates and video over @ Overkill Creations ~ 肉


  1. Whoa Nama King looks great! I would like to have one!

  2. Thanks! I will send you one when they are done!

  3. Dude that King 100T custom with Kinnikuman's head is badass!!! It would look real nice next to my bloddy Prismen TGB customs!!! Love it Ty!!