Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BamBam88 ~ Kinnikuman Zebra and Soldier Worker Caps!

I am truly digging the new Kinnikuman Zebra and Kinniku Soldier Collaboration caps from New Era and BamBam88 ~ m(_88_)m

Zebra Stripe "KN" Logo

"Go Go Muscle" Kinnikuman Zebra Style

Camo "KN" Representing Kinnikuman Soldier

Images Compliments of BamBam88

I love the idea of doing a series of caps based on the Five Fated Princes, and really hope that BamBam88 puts out more of these!  My next Rakuten order will include one of the Solider caps for sure ~ 肉

Order from your caps from BamBam88 today!

I think Rocker Zebra from Heavy Metal Parkin Lot would have looked phenomenal in one of these bad boys...

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