Friday, December 3, 2010

Dead Stock Vintage Kinkeshi Capsules at the Mandarake Micro Shop!

The Mandarake Micro Shop located in the Nakano Broadway is nothing short of Kinkeshi Nirvana.  I have made many a pilgrimage to that hallowed ground, and can attest that their keshi selections and customer service are second to none.

 Pic from my last visit - Taken with Permission ... hard to believe but true - 肉

While chatting with the Micro Shop Director, Miyakoshi-san, on Twitter today, he indicated that they still have 30 dead stock, vintage, Kinnikuman part 25 and 26 Kinkeshi capsules for sale. The prices range from 315円 to 1,050円 per capsule, and are a must for any Kinkeshi collection!

These capsules were part of an amazing warehouse find, and should be gone within a matter of days.

If you are interested in adding some to your collection, you can contact Mandarake by using their English Customer Service Contact Form.

Please list the number of "dead kinkeshi capsules" you are interested in and what part(s) you would prefer.  An English speaking Mandarake employee will then work with the Micro Shop to get your order straightened out.

Payments can be made via PayPal, and I can attest that their International shipping rates are quite reasonable.  Please also be sure to check out their amazing Kinnikuman selection in English and Japanese!


  1. Hey there, Fantastic blog! What are those Blister Carded larger Kinnikuman figures right below the last shelf of kinkeshi?

  2. Thanks!

    They are "Kinnikuman Choujin Power Series" figures from Bandai cira 1991. There is a loose set on ebay right now, and a few carded figures on Mandarake as well.