Thursday, December 9, 2010

キン肉マン Volume 37! Jump Comics

Kinnikuman Volume 37 represents the first new official issue of the original Kinnikuman series to have been released in the past 22 years.  Consisting of a compilation of various choujin stories, it is without a doubt a strong addition to to previous Kinnikuman story arcs.


Nakai-sensei's art work shows a level of depth and maturity that only adds to the legend and legacy of the characters now being portrayed in their later years.  Warsman's origin story was masterfully written, and perhaps my favorite entry in the new volume. 

One of the small things that really impressed me about this release was that the actual book was printed in the same style and scale of the Kinnikuman Legends Manga re-print box set.  This attention to detail creates a seamless flow in the display of the complete collection, adding even more to the quality and nostalgia of the original series.

 A view of my personal collection!

Volume 37 is broken into the following parts:


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