Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taka's Legendary Kinnikuman Collection ~ Part 1 ~ Kinkeshi Madness!

Anyone who has ever chatted with Taka aka Stinger Wolf, or traded Kinnikuman goods with him can tell you that he is a classy, and incredibly nice guy.  His Kinnikuman collection and efforts to spread the good word about Kinnikuman are the stuff of Legend!

Taka provided me with well over 100 pictures of absolutely amazing items, however there is no way I can even begin to include them all on Nama Niku.  I will however try my best to scratch the surface, by breaking everything up into multiple posts over the next few weeks to give you an idea of this truly mind-blowing and awe inspiring Kinniku collection. 

A lot of this stuff is rare, and in fabulous condition; the kind of things you never see on eBay and only occasionally see on Yahoo Japan Auctions...

Part 1:

Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Collection

 Original Kinkeshi Mini Books 

Custom KinnikuHouse!!! (Too Cool!!!)

Deluxe Battle Royal Jikkyou Ring

Deluxe Battle Royal Jikkyou Ring 2

Torarete Tamaruka! 

Kinnikuman Champion Game

Chibi Chara Series  

The Damage Type 1

Kinnikuman Team vs Zebra Team

Kinnikuman Team vs Mariposa Team (From King the 100 Ton's Famous Scene!)

Kinnikuman Special 10


Kinnikuman Selection 10 (Would kill for this set!!!) 

Much more to come!!!

Be sure to check back soon for more of Taka's amazing Kinnikuman collection.  I will also try to see if I can get some links to post to the entire collection ~肉

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  1. Whoa that stuff is just amazing! I really like the rings! Man I wanna get me some of those figures too! 8D