Thursday, April 7, 2011

New CCP Kinsofu Figures!

I am really digging these new solid color キンソフ/Kinsofu figures from CCP!

  Image Compliments of CCP

While CCP is mostly known for their hand painted full color figures, they are rather pricey and not necessarily made for your average collector.  These mono-color vinyl versions however usually clock in at around 1,500円, and are readily available from online stores like this one that ship overseas. 

 Image Compliments of CCP

According to the CCP blog, they will also be dropping new exclusive colors just in time for the upcoming Kinnikuman day on Friday, 4/29.

While these new colors have not been officially revealed, my buddy Evan was lucky enough to snap some amazing pics (of what looks like these new figures) on his recent trip to Japan!  These guys were hanging around the BamBam88 store, and look absolutely amazing ~ 肉

 Image Compliments of Evan

 Image Compliments of Evan

Evan is a hardcore Yudekkii, and has one of the best Kinnikuman pilgrimage stories I have ever heard!  He has agreed to share his story with Nama Niku, so check back on Monday for a full report of Evan's crazy cool trip to Japan and the BamBam88 store!


  1. Wow I really wanna get those! Pics of two of my fav tag teams. Go Brocken Jr!