Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Kinnikuman Day

Happy Kinnikuman day from Naka Niku!

The Half Baked Ham ~ Namakeshi Coming Soon!

Check back next week for Kinnikuman day news and pics ~ 肉


  1. My boys are celebrating! One is wearing one of Eric Nilla's sweet Claw Monster shirts & the other is wearing a Kid Muscle shirt I made for him awhile back. The younger guy is bringing Kinkeshi to share.
    I will be sporting M.U.S.C.L.E. shirt from Eric as well & might just bring some 4" Kinkeshi to work to visit the other toys....

  2. Happy kinnikuman day .I put on the one of Erics awesome shirts ,and since the half baked ham fig is coming out i went out and ate some super N.C. BBq

  3. Whoa I really like that new Namakeshi!

  4. Thanks! All the Namakeshi should be cast in the next month or so. I will be doing a special contest here on Nama Niku where readers will have a chance to win various Namakeshi for free!

    The first two sculpts will be Nama King and the Half Baked Ham!