Friday, January 28, 2011

金 Collection Friday ~ 29suguru29's Kinnikuman Collection!

My Japanese Twitter buddy, 29suguru29 is a hardcore ユデッキー and when I first saw his Kinnikuman collection I knew I had to feature it on Nama Niku.  Big thanks to 29suguru29 for providing me with these images - ありがとうございました, GO GO 友情パワー!

Please enjoy ~

Very Impressive Glass Case and Shelving!

 Army of PansonWorks Figures + Kaikodo Romando

Original Kinnikuman Drawing Signed by Yudetamago!

More Rad CPP Figures

Kinnikuman CCP

Robin Mask Mania!


So Much Going on There!

Pokka Coffee Cans and a Sweet Warsman Bear Claw!

Amazing! Great Idea for Displaying Kinkeshi!

This is really an amazing display of Kinnikuman admiration and devotion ~ very cool stuff.  Major 肉 street credit and props to this guy!


  1. wow, gotta love this collection!
    great stuff, and great idea to post here!

  2. Fuck, this guy has the collection everyone wants!
    I myself have an amazing collection but it's not that great though. Perhaps the best in Barcelona, LOL
    I could show you some photos of my kinniku stuff.

    Also, I'm a big fan of your blog!!!

    P.S: I whish ccp weren't so expensive and there were no customs in my country u_u

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! I would love to see your collection ~ shoot me a link or something, and maybe I could even feature them here on Nama Niku ~ Please keep on reading!