Friday, January 14, 2011

Mandarake Kinkeshi Score ~ 肉

My buddy, Paco, was in Tokyo last weekend, and hit the Nakano Broadway to score a few Kinnikuman items for me. 

Paco using his Gaijin Powers for evil ~ snapping a pic inside the Microkan...ごめんなさい!

The Mandarake Microkan really offers some killer deals on random grab bags of Kinkeshi, and I would highly recommend checking them out if you are ever in the store. The one he ended up snagging me (shown above) included 90 figures and clocked in at only 1,050円.


I was quite impressed with the wide assortment of sculpts, including a few Popy Minis and a couple of sweet boots.

The Geronimo PansonWorks figure was only 312円, and I keep kicking myself for not asking him to grab more stuff...

Interested in ordering a Kinkeshi grab bag for yourself?  Contact Mandarake directly, and they can hook you up.