Monday, January 17, 2011

Kinnikuman Muscle Museum in Kumamoto ~ 肉

Thought I would share a few pics and updates of the current Muscle Museum going on in Kumamoto.  Would love to see one of these in New York, LA, or Vegas...

Image Compliments of BamBam88

Mr. Muscle himself, Santo, of BamBam88 is slated to appear on a radio show called Wota Radio on the 20th of this month.  More details about that can be found here.

Image Compliments of BamBam88

The local Kumamoto station, RKK TV, will also be doing a televised segment on the Muscle Museum on the 20th as well.  Lots of excitement on the Kumamoto area for Kinnikuman! 

 Image Compliments of Yudetamago

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  1. Hey! Your blog is awesome. I'm a big Kinnikuman fan as well. I'll soon be visiting Japan to try and stock up. Can you recommend any particular shops? I emailed the dude at BamBam88 but i have not received a reply (i was trying to find out when they are open). Thanks!


  2. Thanks for the props! The BamBam88 store is in Koenji, and their hours are really sporadic as they do a lot of events and traveling Muscle Shops/Museums. I would call/email them before stopping by

    As far as great places for Kinnikuman stuff goes I would recommend:
    - Nakano Broadway in general and Mandarake specifically in Nakano
    - Radiokaikan in Akihabara
    - The Liberty Stores in Akihabara
    - Yellow Submarine in Akihabara
    - Kaikodo in Okegawa (a bit out of the way)
    - CCP Storefront in Tokyo

    Let me know if you need links or any other info. I have spent a lot of time over the years at these places and have a pretty good idea of where the good stuff is.

  3. One more thought, the BamBam88 store is actually not that far from the Nakano Broadway so you could do both in one day easily.

  4. Oh ya, and make sure you hit the Figure Hobby Kan in Akihabara (tons of Kinnikuman stuff)

  5. Thanks so much dude! I'll be going to all of them! I really appreciate the help! Keep up the good work on the blog!