Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Kinnikuman Shop + GOCCODO!

NEW"Kinniku Shop" in Tokyo!
Kinnikuman Official KIN29SHOP
Sunshine City Alta 1F | Ikebukuro

*Image Compliments of BamBam88
The Master with many of his most recent designs!
I had a great surprise on my last visit to the shop, when I met up with BamBam88 super designer extraordinaire GOCCODO!  According to Ikegami-san, Shigeta-san (GOCCODO) has designed around 15 or so Kinnikuman T Shirts, with his recent efforts making the bulk of the new crazy rad KMA series.

In addition to being an incredibly talented sketch artist, GOCCODO is also very well known and respected for his work in the sofubi world.  It was a real honor getting to talk with him for a while about Kinnikuman, design work, molding and casting, and my favorite subject, Kinkeshi!

Many thanks once again to Ikegami-san and the whole BamBam88 crew!

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