Friday, September 20, 2013

Kaikodo: Kinnikuman Hot Spot Update

Kaikodo: Vintage Toy Shop Update
Kinnikuman Hot Spot (A Nama Niku Favorite)
Where: Saitama Japan and Online @ and Yahoo Japan Auctions
Kinnikuman items galore: Vintage, Vinyl, Kinkeshi, Romando, Microman, Gashapon etc.
English Inquiries, PayPal and Overseas Orders (via email only) are Welcome!

As previously mentioned on Nama Niku, Kaikodo is without a doubt one of the most impressive toy resellers I have ever visited.  I stopped by the shop last week as part of my yearly Kinnikuman Japan pilgrimage, and was graciously given permission to snap pics!

Romando x Kaikodo Prototypes!  (Display Only)
I give Kaikodo major street credit for exclusive collaborations with companies like Y.MSF and Romando.  It is also the only place to get your hands on a super limited run of Romando x Kaikodo Kinnikuman vinyl figures.  (10 figures in all, hand painted and Made in Japan).

Romando x Kaikodo!
Kaikodo's owner, Yutaka-san, speaks English and just so happens to be a huge seller on Yahoo Japan Auctions.  You can email them directly to inquire about any of their exclusive Kinnikuman figures, in store items (examples shown in my pics), or any of their current Yahoo Japan auctions.  In many cases they can sell their Yahoo items to you directly (outside of Yahoo) if they are still available.

Holy Keshi!!!
MOC Romando Figures!
Inventory changes on a daily basis, so let them know if there is a particular item you are looking for.
Helpful Links:

The complete Romando x Kaikodo Exclusive line
Kaikodo Kinnikuman items search on Yahoo Japan Auctions
English contact email

Romando Figures History Display!
Muscle Spark Romando Prototype in my collection from the good people at Kaikodo. ありがとうございました!
Check out these pics of all the amazing toy lines they carry ~ Happy shopping, and be sure to tell them Nama Niku sent you! 

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